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As a financial services technology provider with a next-generation, modern financial technology platform, Jack Henry needed to deliver innovation, scalability, and optionality so banks and credit unions could enhance their financial services technology and build relationships while growing their business.


Making a shift to Twilio created scalability, communication efficiencies, and an opportunity to deliver security in a user-friendly fashion. This ensured that Jack Henry stayed competitive in the rapidly evolving financial technology landscape.

For over four decades, Jack Henry has stood as an unwavering cornerstone in the American financial services landscape, dedicated to the success of community and regional financial institutions. Their unwavering commitment to "people-inspired innovation" has been the driving force behind tailored solutions that have empowered banks and credit unions to deliver financial services that create opportunities for individuals and businesses. 

This commitment also relies on technology that centers around the human experience, offering modernization and cloud-native solutions to fortify operational efficiency and security for financial institutions.

“We prioritize personalization, cementing the bond between financial institutions and their account holders by acting as a central hub for their financial needs.”

Chad Killingsworth Head of Engineering

From tradition to trailblazing agility

Jack Henry's technology foundation has long been established, rooted in robust mainframe systems that have served them with distinction. As the financial landscape continued to evolve, Jack Henry recognized the need to adapt to modern, emerging technology.

Jack Henry proactively embraced modernization, prioritizing agility, scalability, and seamless integration with cutting-edge systems to stay at the forefront of financial innovation. This transformation embodies their commitment to "people-inspired innovation”.

In this pursuit, Jack Henry addressed critical areas:

  • Robust security measures: In a landscape fraught with evolving threats, Jack Henry prioritizes security. Tommy Bradford, managing director of OCTO strategic cloud alliances at Jack Henry, affirms, "We're vigilant about the array of threats," underscoring their commitment to safeguarding sensitive data. The system is fortified to adapt and defend against modern cybersecurity challenges.
  • Meeting growing demand: Anticipating substantial growth in messaging volume, Jack Henry made strategic enhancements. The revamped infrastructure is primed to handle the surge in demand, ensuring seamless operations.
  • Optimized customer communication: Jack Henry recognizes the importance of efficient accountholder interactions. Initiatives such as multi-factor authentication and SMS alerts are integrated for enhanced engagement. These improvements ensure timely and personalized communication channels.
  • Driving innovation and integration: Embracing newer technologies is central to Jack Henry's strategy. They seek collaborators that offer modern, adaptable, and interoperable solutions, all aimed at elevating the user experience and operational efficiency.
  • Prioritizing customer satisfaction: Jack Henry's customer-centric ethos is unwavering. They are committed to surpassing customer expectations and delivering personalized services, unencumbered by technological constraints.

This evolution underscores Jack Henry's dedication to aligning their technology infrastructure with customer needs. The transition to cloud-native solutions is a testament to their commitment to maintaining a leading position in the industry.

Jack Henry elevates personalization and security

Twilio emerged as the natural ally for Jack Henry, providing performance-driven solutions tailored to the distinct needs of the financial industry. Twilio's Verify, Voice, SMS, and SendGrid’s email APIs seamlessly integrated into Jack Henry's operations, providing critical security infrastructure and enriching account holder interactions.

Twilio's SMS capabilities played a pivotal role in ensuring timely and secure delivery of critical financial information. Bradford pointed out, "We currently send a combined average of 12 to 15 million SMS text alerts each month. We anticipate this number will grow exponentially. In fact, we might see a 25 to 50-fold increase in the next few years as our platforms become more widely adopted across our different products."

This exponential growth in message volume highlights the substantial impact Twilio had on optimizing operational efficiency for Jack Henry.

Partnering to power security, scale, and redefined experiences

Collaborating with Twilio's dynamic platform not only met Jack Henry's immediate needs but also provided the scalability essential for future growth. The seamless integration of Twilio's suite of services marked a transformative step for Jack Henry, enhancing both security and customer experiences.

Bradford said, "We chose to collaborate with Twilio because we believe they will enhance the SMS experience through their CustomerAI capabilities. This addition will allow us to further leverage our platform, ultimately reinforcing the personal touch our institutions value."

The transformational impact of Jack Henry’s modernization venture

Twilio's collaboration with Jack Henry delivered substantial performance benefits. Twilio's dependable messaging platform ensures uninterrupted access to services, fortifying customer trust.

Twilio's constant availability and support have also been pivotal in promptly addressing challenges. The integration of Twilio's services significantly elevated the customer experience for financial institutions, providing secure and personalized communication channels.

Furthermore, Twilio's authentication services heightened security measures, safeguarding sensitive financial information during interactions. By embracing Twilio's modern, cloud-native solutions, Jack Henry positioned itself as a market leader, addressing the evolving needs of its customers.

Twilio's impact extends beyond messaging support, offering financial institutions a consistent point of contact that fosters trust among customers. This strategic collaboration between Jack Henry and Twilio heralds a transformative shift in banking and credit union strategies, with an innovative approach that not only enriches personalized service for account holders but also equips financial institutions to efficiently tackle complex issues in real-time, leveraging visual assistance for enhanced operational effectiveness.

Notable achievements:

  • Explosive user growth: From just over 400,000 registered users of the Banno Digital Platform™ in 2018 to surpassing the 10 million mark in mid-2023, representing an astonishing 25x growth over five years.
  • Hyper-efficient messaging: Maintaining an average monthly message volume of 12 to 15 million, demonstrating an exceptional level of efficiency and responsiveness in customer communications.
  • Anticipated exponential expansion: Foreseeing a surge of 25 to 50 times in message volume over the coming years, illustrating the robust adoption and trust in the platform's capabilities.

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