QuintoAndar reshapes the real estate market with Twilio

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QuintoAndar is one of the most valuable brands in Latin America, valued at over $5.1Bn. They are arguably the largest digital real estate startup in Brazil. Its extensive partnership with Twilio has helped Quinto Andar grow its business quickly and transparently, resulting in better customer satisfaction ratings, first-call problem resolutions, SLAs and digital channel availability.

They chose Twilio in 2020 because they wanted a partner that would enable them to be agile in expanding business strategies and initiatives, with better use of data and always focusing their business on their customers.

About QuintoAndar

Renting a property in Brazil has always been very complicated. The entire process of using a guarantor is extremely complex, especially when moving to another city, where a person may not have family or friends who can offer their property as collateral for a rental contract. Another option is to pay a very expensive insurance to guarantee the contract, which also makes the service unfeasible for many people.

QuintoAndar was born in 2012 to solve the demands generated by this type of complication. The company has completely changed the way people rent real estate, reinventing rent, with zero bureaucracy and paperwork. Today it is possible to rent a property with a few clicks, thanks to QuintoAndar, which obsessively focuses on putting its customers at the center of its business, enabling them to “love where they live”.

Today, the company is the largest housing platform in Latin America, worth $5.1Bn, with more than 4 thousand employees and 23 offices in 6 countries.

Currently, a visit to rent a new property is scheduled, on average, every seven seconds by the company, and two visits, on average, are scheduled for sale per minute.

The company became a unicorn in 2019.


Along their journey, they encountered three major challenges, which Twilio solutions helped solve:

  • Grow efficiently – maintain market expansion while improving operational efficiency, as well as not losing efficiency.
  • Expand the portfolio in Brazil – continue to offer new solutions so that people can live better.
  • Adapt to international standards – take an incredible experience beyond Brazil, ensuring that all markets and customers have their needs met.


Initially, the proposal to adopt Twilio’s solutions was to reduce technical complexity and at the same time have a solution that would allow them to have a more sophisticated process construction for the final consumer.

To achieve this, the company adopted Twilio’s Integrated stack –  Flex, Console, Programmable Messaging, WhatsApp, Voice, Chat – integrated with their CRM and other systems, such as Zendesk.

These solutions enabled QuintoAndar to have better insights based on customer data and to optimize its operations. Today, they have a data health that allows them to create fantastic experiences for their customers, such as messages alerts, reminders of booked property viewing, and using real-time data to support users to have a personalized journey through the entire renting process within Quinto Andar. when searching, booking and making the decision  including evolving to use real-time data to support problem resolutions.

Quinto Andar has a complex set up of clients and users it needs to interact to run the entire renting and/or selling process: prospects, renters, owners, property agents. Twilio’s platform is serving 99% of the company’s interactions with clients.

“We chose Twilio to help us with these challenges because we wanted a partner that would allow us to be agile and grow our business quickly and transparently, resulting in better customer satisfaction scores, with first call resolutions, SLAs and digital channel availability.”

Nicolau Camargo VP of Service and Customer Experience

Quinto Andar shifted from using phone calls as the main channel of communication to reach out clients to WhatsApp, demonstrating that the company is aware of local trends and is investing in making their client’s preferable channel available to increase customer satisfaction.

All of the company’s customer-facing communications have been custom-scaled based on data insights, and these critical KPIs are on the rise thanks to this veritable arsenal of Twilio solutions. Since 2020, when the solutions were adopted, Twilio has been alongside Quinto Andar to ensure that it remains disruptive in a very conservative market.


With Twilio, QuintoAndar achieved a very reduced infrastructure. Immediately after migrating to Twilio, they increased availability by 7% (from 88% to 95%) in just 15 days, with reduced infrastructure cost. For a company with accelerated and intense growth, this availability linked to infrastructure was fundamental.

In practice, the results achieved by QuintoAndar were:

  • Twilio enabled them to carry out different tests and changes in their support operations, aiming to increase efficiency, optimize agent’s work, and generate a better experience for their customers.
  • Twilio enabled their international expansion to Mexico in a short period of time and with high adaptability to local requirements. The full operation was completed in 30 days.
  • With Twilio, they were able to test chat sync/async parameters and features to make relevant decisions on how to operate their channels.
  • Twilio supports them in the sustainability and scalability of their business, enabling adjustments with direct impact on service levels.
  • Reduced ticket resolution by 14 minutes, with 4 points more in CSAT.
  • Reduced call rejection by agents by 79%.
  • Reduced chat abandonment by 36% with 9% less recontact.
  • Increased by 12% on Support SLA.
  • Increased productivity of support teams by 12%, with 16% less in transfers (from 18% to 2%).

As improvements are part of continuous processes, QuintoAndar’s next projects seek to get the best out of Twilio’s solutions. Today the company has more than 10 products and technology teams focused on support and service and Twilio is with them.

“This partnership will leverage our journey orchestration strategy and help us grow our operations at the same pace as our business grows – all combined with high-quality data-driven support”

Nicolau Camargo VP of Service and Customer Experience

In addition, they are building a single portal for support so customers know where to go when they need help.

“All of this is in line with our central vision of having the customer at the center of our business. The partnership with Twilio is important precisely because it is a company that carries the same values ​​as QuintoAndar in terms of the importance of the customer to the business. His satisfaction is the most important thing!”

comments Nicolau Camargo, VP of Service and Customer Experience for Quinto Andar. Twilio offers flexibility to customize features for their agents, which will enable full context about customers, improve prioritization visibility and increase agents’ autonomy – all key to take their support to the next level.

Since their goal is replicating Mexico’s successful model, Twilio is helping QuintoAndar gain market relevance with high speed and efficiency.

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