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Teamsnap is a mobile and web-based platform providing powerful solutions for managing sport teams, clubs, and groups. Founded in 2009, Teamsnap simplifies group coordination for the over 15 million players, parents, and coaches using its software.

Frank Watervoort is the Chief Engineering Officer at Teamsnap. He ensures that the technology driving Teamsnap, including its email infrastructure, is cost effective, reliable, and scalable to meet the needs of the growing business.

“We use email as our primary channel for coach-parent or player communication – game reminders, registration confirmations, messages from coaches, etc. It’s the center of our communication infrastructure, and it has to be reliable and real-time.”

Frank_headshot Frank Watervoort Chief Engineering Officer


Teamsnap partnered with Twilio SendGrid for transactional email since the business started up in 2009. They’ve grown incredibly since then, both in size and sophistication. On average, they’re adding nearly 200,000 new players each month.

With this aggressive growth curve, Frank and his team face a new set of challenges:

  • Scaling infrastructure and maintaining deliverability with rapid growth of the user base and subscriber list
  • Balancing ease of use with platform security and adding new measures to keep bad players at bay


Teamsnap’s secret weapon in addressing these challenge? Having Twilio SendGrid’s experts in their corner. “Twilio SendGrid takes the hard work out of our hands, not just for delivering email, but also for working through the gnarly issues that come up running an email program.”

Teamsnap’s Customer Success Manager (CSM) helped Frank and his team ease the burden of managing their email program with:

  • Ongoing account monitoring to oversee deliverability and proactively alert the team of any changes or issues
  • Regular business reviews to learn about strategic goals for customer communications
  • Ensuring the email program is optimized for growth
  • Properly integrating new mailstreams as they come up
  • Sharing knowledge and best practices about security, reputation
  • Advocacy to ensure Teamsnap’s success on Twilio SendGrid’s email platform

“From a product perspective, I know I can trust SendGrid to do the right thing for us,” says Frank.



With the partnership of SendGrid’s CSMs, Teamsnap has developed a strong email program with:

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Most importantly, Frank and his team have peace of mind. “I feel like with SendGrid we have a closer partnership than anybody else we do business with from a technology service provider perspective. It’s that human touch. It shows,” says Frank.

The bottom line

Twilio SendGrid is a perfect match for Teamsnap because of its:

  • Expertise: The only people-first email provider, Twilio SendGrid has the world’s largest team of deliverability experts
  • Reliability: Frank and his team know their messages make it to customers’ inboxes
  • Scalability: Twilio SendGrid can seamlessly handle Teamsnap’s traffic so they can grow their business with confidence

“The support from Twilio SendGrid’s Customer Success Managers has been nothing short of fantastic. We’ve had great success working with them, and we don’t take that for granted. It’s a nice feeling to have an enterprise-class technology partner that you can lean on.”

Frank_headshot Frank Watervoort Chief Engineering Officer

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