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Happy Grasshopper is an automated email marketing platform that provides businesses and entrepreneurs the ability to automatically keep in touch with their contacts. Happy Grasshopper enables its clients to convert more leads, get more referrals, and meet their customer recruiting goals through an optimized email follow-up process.

Since it was founded 6 years ago, Happy Grasshopper has used Twilio SendGrid’s scalable email infrastructure as an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) to deliver marketing emails on behalf of thousands of clients in the US and Canada. Happy Grasshopper’s email communications include:

  • Email nurture or “keep-in-touch message” campaigns for maintaining contact with customers and prospects
  • Custom new client acquisition campaigns to facilitate client recruiting and business growth goals

“We are committed to working with smart partners to make sure our clients get the most out of our application. Connecting with Twilio SendGrid means that we’re connecting with the best minds in the industry.”

Celeste Grupman Co-founder and CTO

Identifying DMARC Problems & Solutions

Major ISPs including Yahoo!, AOL, Microsoft, and Gmail have either recently implemented or have announced plans to implement a DMARC strict policy.

As a Twilio SendGrid customer whose clients send marketing emails from personal email domains, Happy Grasshopper realized this policy change would lower the sending reputations of many of their customers, potentially resulting in emails being dropped or marked as spam.

“Having an information resource on the policy change was really important to us,” said Celeste. “We chose to invest in Twilio SendGrid’s Email Delivery Consulting Services to ensure we were up to speed on the DMARC policy changes and what changes we should implement.”

During the Email Delivery Consulting engagement, Twilio SendGrid’s team of experts found 862 Happy Grasshopper clients that were currently violating the new DMARC policy and putting deliverability at risk. To better manage their sender reputation and improve inbox placement rates, the experts suggested those senders move to their own sending domain that they control.

“I can now see the need for this [policy change] and the data supports it, but this wouldn’t have been something that we could have read or found out on our own,” said Celeste.

Using Twilio SendGrid experts for other insights

In addition to DMARC policy guidance, Happy Grasshopper was experiencing a drop in inbox delivery rate, and was having difficulty identifying which clients were impacting this drop. They needed to learn how to better segment email traffic in order to protect their best senders and identify those needing assistance.

Twilio SendGrid’s expert consultants provided a new new subpool management strategy to address Happy Grasshopper’s drop in delivery. Using the Event Webhook to capture email event data, Happy Grasshopper can use triggers to show which senders are “bad” and affecting other senders that share a domain.

Happy Grasshopper also uses Email Delivery Consulting to stay up to date on the latest industry knowledge within the email and ISP landscape. Happy Grasshopper delivers email on behalf of thousands of clients, and it’s important to be able educate those customers and demonstrate their value as an email marketing expert.

“There’s constantly new thinking about what you can send, how you can send, and how to get your email delivered”, said Celeste. “The more that we can engage with Twilio SendGrid at a high level, the more we can learn.”

Based on recommendations from the team of experts, Happy Grasshopper has implemented changes to their own marketing email strategy, helping to improve engagement with clients and drive business growth.

Armed with these strategies and plans, Happy Grasshopper is achieving the following rates:

Bottom Line

When asked whether she would recommend  Email Delivery Consulting Services to another customer, Celeste said,

“The plans and strategies provided from the consulting session were easily digestible and helpful. If you’re engaging with Twilio SendGrid as a OEM, especially as long as I have, you’ve probably been praying for something like Email Delivery Services for years and are ecstatic this is nally available...I will pay someone for the opportunity to talk about this!”

Celeste Grupman Co-founder and CTO

Twilio SendGrid is a perfect match for Happy Grasshopper’s marketing email because it’s:

  • Smart: The email platform that is always improving and innovating its products and services.
  • Data-driven: A robust Event Webhook and dashboard informs clients on the health of their email program.
  • Delivery-focused: The team of email experts will identify problems and areas of improvement within your sending practices, account set-up, and compliance.

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