MassMailer powers customers around the world with Twilio SendGrid's platform and expertise

In 2012, entrepreneur Siva Devaki and his team developed an in-house email solution for the Salesforce CRM to address email limitations. Realizing others might face the same challenge, the team launched the solution as MassMailer, which has since growth into a suite of sales development products serving hundreds of customers around the world.

Siva and Arti Devaki are the Co-Founders and Co-CEOs of MassMailer, managing the product vision and partnerships that enable their customers to send 10 million monthly marketing and prospecting messages.

“When you’re nurturing sales leads, you need a solution that will mature your clients in different ways – email, prospecting, and calling. Email is a critical channel for our clients to take advantage of leads, form relationships, and stay relevant for their customers.”

Siva Devaki Co-Founder and Co-CEO


When the team launched MassMailer, they needed an email partner that would offer:

  • A reliable and scalable platform

“We need to be able to seamlessly accomodate big sends as well as any other email service provider (ESP),” says Siva.

  • Deliverability expertise and self-service resources

“We built a great UI, but in order for our customers to get 100% value from the product we realized we needed to own deliverability and learn more about how email works.”

  • A close relationship

“We wanted a partner that was supportive, knowledgeable, and as focused on delighting their customers as we are,” says Arti.


MassMailer partnered with Twilio SendGrid as a solution provider because  it offered:

“Our relationship with Twilio SendGrid is a great advantage for us and goes above and beyond for troubleshooting. With the right email services, we don’t have to maintain as much delivery expertise in house.”

Arti Devaki Co-Founder and Co-CEO


Having Twilio SendGrid as an extension of the MassMailer team means that Siva and Arti can focus on building their product and providing excellent service for their customers.

Customer Highlight: Bay Club

Founded in 1977, Bay Club is a hospitality company serving 90,000 members throughout California with luxurious fitness and leisure facilities, programming, and experiences.

“We are a membership-based company. If we can’t reliably and effectively communicate with prospects and leads and understand how they’re interacting with us, our sales and marketing processes aren’t as effective and that has a big impact on future revenue opportunities” says Mark Street, Director of IT at Bay Club.

“We have to have confidence in the platforms we use. With the stability and performance of the Twilio SendGrid platform, and MassMailer’s unlimited email solution for Salesforce, we’re happy with our email program. We haven’t had a single issue with outgoing mail – it’s been a seamless experience.”

Bottom Line

Twilio SendGrid is the perfect match for MassMailer because of its:

  • Reliable, high-performance infrastructure
  • Expertise
  • Deliverability

“As a solution provider, we needed a company that was nimble and with which we could have a close relationship to support our customers. With Twilio SendGrid, our email knowledge has increased and we can focus on maturing our product while still continuing to scale.”

Siva Devaki Co-Founder and Co-CEO

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