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Nudgespot is a B2B communication app that’s changing the way businesses talk to their customers. The company began after founders witnessed how difficult it is for businesses to send relevant communication across all stages of a customer lifecycle, including:

  • Onboarding
  • Engagement
  • Churn
  • Customer Loyalty

Nudgespot is an OEM Twilio SendGrid partner. As an OEM, Nudgespot has customers of their own that use their product to improve contextual, one-on-one communications at scale with end customers through SMS, push notifications, in-app messages, and three different types of email:

  • Triggered emails: Behavior-based emails sent to specific customers to drive revenue or usage like abandoned cart, upgrade offers when users near the limit of their plan, and cross-sell messages about similar products.
  • Transactional emails: These messages notify specific recipients of information like order confirmations, purchase receipts, and privacy updates.
  • Marketing and newsletter emails: These are promotional messages, like sales announcements and upcoming events, that are manually sent to segmented people without the automated timing and user behaviors triggered emails use.

Email is critical for Nudgespot

Difficulties in reaching customers at the right time, with the right message, in the preferred channel, aren’t confined to just small businesses. Larger companies are also unable to accomplish this, which means they’re constantly dealing with poor delivery, low engagement rates—or worse, getting added to a deny list.

By providing customers with timely and relevant communications at the right time and in the preferred channel, end users and Nudgespot customers are happier and more engaged.

Nudgespot’s customers span a variety of business types—from ecommerce to SaaS, including:

  • Decathlon: A global sports chain with online and offline retail
  • BlueStone: India’s largest online jewelry store
  • Zivame: India’s largest lingerie e-tailer

Triggered email, transactional email, and marketing email form a critical part of Nudgespot’s customers’ communication strategy. Therefore, Nudgespot must have control over email deliverability, the ability to send a large volume of email in a timely manner without delay, and have access to support on customer issues quickly.

Why Nudgespot chose Twilio SendGrid

Twilio SendGrid’s easy APIs for integration, documentation, and webhook support were major draws for Nudgespot and allowed for a smooth integration within a day. As a startup with a team of less than 10, Nudgespot was able to take advantage of a dedicated account manager at Twilio SendGrid to receive support on any issues in less than 24 hours. This gives Nudgespot’s engineering team the freedom to focus on the product/app, without hiring a dedicated email support manager.

Nudgespot also needed a reliable and committed partner that could scale appropriately as the business grew. Twilio SendGrid lived up to its reputation. In the last 6 months alone, Nudgespot’s email volume has grown by an average of 125.74% month-over-month.

Delivery rates are extremely important to Nudgespot customers who serve end users from all walks of life and need to relay information to them instantly. Twilio SendGrid has consistently enabled delivery rates of 99% for triggered email and transactional email and 99.4% for marketing/newsletter style emails.

“From the beginning, Twilio SendGrid has displayed a rare blend of flexibility and reliability that provides the basis for stellar support to our customers. The fact that it didn’t matter to them that we were a startup, coupled with their willingness to go out of the way and provide tailored solutions shows their professionalism and maturity in supporting the startup ecosystem. We look forward to a continued partnership with them, not just as a customer, but more as thought leaders, collaborating towards a shared goal of ensuring better communication between businesses and their customers.”

 Raveen Sastry headshot Raveen Sastry Co-Founder and CEO

BlueStone is India’s leading online jewelry store and is among the few ecommerce startups in India that is operationally profitable. BlueStone has grown 150% year over year and is eyeing 200% growth each of the next 2-3 years.

What makes a difference to their customer retention strategy is leveraging Twilio SendGrid’s platform to send triggered messages through Nudgespot for:

  • Birthday and anniversary reminders
  • Relevant jewelry categories based on customer interest, viewing habits, and/or past purchase history
  • Abandoned cart emails

As part of BlueStone.com’s customer retention and engagement plan, triggered email messages have doubled their site conversion rate and more than doubled open rates of emails sent. Marketing email open rates are 12.2%, while triggered messages get a whopping 29.6%. Email delivery rates stand at 97% for triggered messages, while marketing delivery rates stand at 99.1%.

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Zivame is India’s premier online lingerie store that started in 2011 and changed the way women shop for lingerie in India. Zivame saw a 50% month over month growth that led from its 6,000 initial signups to over 1,700,000 after a year of operations.

Zivame’s marketing team sends triggered email and SMS via Nudgespot with incentives based on customer behavior. As customer profiles have become richer, Zivame has taken advantage of Nudgespot’s filter and search capabilities to send targeted messages to customers. This enable Zivame to:

  • Talk to customers in a more personalized manner
  • Include customer preferences in messages
  • Alert customers periodically to prompt them to buy new lingerie
  • Alert customers to new stock according to their preferences

Powered by Twilio SendGrid’s reliable email delivery rate that averages 99.1%, Nudgespot ensures that Zivame has a 24.8% average open rate and 15.8% average click through rate. Zivame’s customers remain engaged and loyal to the brand through the targeted communications they receive.

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