FLK It Over reinvents the way real estate agents review lease agreements

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Historically, real estate agents and property managers were restricted in overseeing residential housing within a certain radius of their community. But when the new digital era significantly changed the way industries conducted business online, real estate agencies were able to expand their footprint to manage more properties than ever before. While this was a great business opportunity, it also meant agents were now faced with handling an increased volume of customer information, as well as greater processing of tedious lease agreements resulting in admin backlog and internal delays in turnover.

Having been in the real estate industry for 20 years, Andrew Colagiuri, CEO and Founder of FLK it over, became frustrated with the time-consuming real estate processes especially after experiencing fast growth at his own firm. Hence, FLK it over was created to reinvent how real estate documentation is reviewed and ultimately signed in a seamless and efficient manner.

Twilio provides an SMS-driven solution that cuts the process down to a few steps and a few minutes

Colagiuri and his team knew they needed an SMS-based communication solution to ensure they could provide an efficient, smart, and easy platform. They also knew that real estate agents and property managers alike would require a system that is simple to use while making it cool and fun for tenants to complete. They turned to Twilio to help build an SMS solution that would provide both positive aspects of the agent and customer experience as well as automate real estate workflows and processes. With Twilio Programmable Messaging, FLK it over provides an SMS-based platform that enables real estate agents and property managers to skip the in-person meeting altogether and still provide a positive customer experience with a simple and scalable solution. Within days they found that their clients were reacting and interacting with SMS almost instantly, versus email, which many tend to reserve for their desktop experience. 

FLK it SMS-based platform on mobile
FLK it SMS-based platform on mobile

Prospective and renewing tenants who use FLK it over’s solution receive an SMS notification with a link to an interactive web page that allows them to review their rental agreement in a simple, clean, and transparent manner. Once they have agreed to the terms, a PDF is generated and sent via SendGrid Email  to finalise remaining details. For renewing tenants, FLK it over’s SMS solution simplifies the response on their renewal status even further by asking tenants to press 1 to renew or press 2 to vacate before the correct process is initiated. This eliminates the need for back-and-forth email communication and the continuous game of phone tag from the equation, resulting in an immediate response rate. The new Twilio-powered SMS solution  reduces the average turnaround time on fully signed lease agreements and renewals from hours and potentially days down to two-three minutes.

“SMS is the key to sending a document and getting it signed and returned in the most efficient way possible, and hence the key to our product’s success,” said Colagiuri. “The process for signing documents became less tedious and time-consuming for all parties involved because our SMS-based solution, powered by Twilio, simply does what it’s meant to do,” said Colagiuri.

Featured step in FLK it's SMS-based platform for real estate
Featured step in FLK it's SMS-based platform for real estate

With Twilio’s technologies, FLK It Over is well-positioned to stay ahead of the competition

Regardless of size and resources, agencies and management companies have been able to scale up their businesses without having to hire additional staff. Simplified processes have resulted in two to four hours a week saved per agent or property manager that they can now redistribute to working on additional properties and growing their business faster. 

Since the launch of FLK it over’s first SaaS platform four years ago, over 500 real estate agencies and 3,500 residential property managers in Australia are benefiting from the innovative solution. Every month, an average of 14,000 documents are sent out for review and signatures via FLK it over . This means approximately 100,000 SMS’s and 100,000 emails are also sent every month. As a result, the company has grown by 210% growth year-on-year and expects to triple in size this financial year. 

In addition, because FLK it over’s platform is cloud-based, agents are no longer tethered to the office and can do their job remotely anytime, anywhere. When the pandemic struck, forcing many businesses to switch to digital means of business,  developing market competing digital solutions quickly, FLK it over was already providing advanced digital solutions powered by Twilio Programmable Messaging.    

Looking forward at real estate and beyond

With a flexible and fully customisable solution through Twilio Programmable Messaging, FLK it over looks to continue building and expanding on its current SMS-based solution for real estate agents and property managers. But they also look forward to providing new contract solution features that can be applied to any industry that requires documents with signatures. 

Additionally,  FLK it over sees an opportunity for Twilio’s Segment CDP to assist  the solution in understanding how their clients are using their platform, which capabilities  their clients are utilising and which features they may  benefit from but have not yet been enabled. 

“Twilio is a proven leader and innovator that provides highly reliable tools and documentation. They made it so easy for us to implement their technologies into our platform, we hardly needed any tech support,” continued Colagiuri. “We look forward to continuing to work together to broaden the opportunities for our SMS-based solutions.”

Andrew Colagiuri CEO and Founder,

FLK it over now supports real estate agents across New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria, with ambitions to expand its real estate solution across Australia-wide, as well as internationally to regions such as the UK, Singapore and Hong Kong within the first six months of 2023.  

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