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For years companies have been planning for digital transformation. When the global pandemic hit, years of preparation was accelerated as companies were forced to support a remote workforce for everyone’s health and safety. As the world pivots towards more remote work, one company is poised to help take organisations to the next level of this new setup. JustCall launched in 2016 and is one of the fastest growing organisations in India. In just three years, they have grown 1367%, ranking fifth on Deloitte Technology’s Fast 50 India list in 2019. Operating mainly out of New Delhi, India but with operations in the Philippines, Bulgaria and the United States, JustCall offers cloud phone systems and workflow automation platforms, using Twilio’s Programmable Voice and Programmable SMS solutions to more than 2000 customers in over 40 countries.

JustCall’s mission is to help businesses set up remote call centers from anywhere in the world without the need for extra hardware. Through Twilio, the company offers a local number feature that is a cost-efficient way for businesses to project a local presence within each country they operate in. Within minutes, and a single phone number, their cloud-based, multi-device phone system enables sales and support teams to make numerous outbound calls. While remote call centers are not new, JustCall’s unique ability to offer one single phone number for one sales team solves many pain points for various types of businesses in the retail, education, cloud computing and finance sectors.

Twilio solution enables international expansion

Born out of the need for JustCall to track their own salespeople’s phone calls, they initially chose Twilio’s Programmable Voice solution to see why they weren’t seeing an uptake in their own sales. Once implemented, they soon realised they could also apply the same concept on their own platform and offer it to their remote call center customers who could now track their agents’ success as well. Programmable Voice offers high quality audio so calls and recordings are crystal clear which enables managers of call centers to easily understand and remotely monitor agents’ activity and performance in real time.

Another factor in JustCall’s success is when they realised they could expand internationally by offering global phone numbers from Twilio. Once they built this capability into their platform, they were then able to provide their customers the opportunity for their sales teams to localise their presence in almost any country they needed. JustCall’s remote call center platform makes roughly 1.5 million calls a month. Same with SMS, JustCall’s native and deep integrations with these systems help businesses save hundreds of hours by its ability to automatically save phone logs, notes, call outcomes, recordings, voicemails and contact lists.

Twilio’s solutions – setting JustCall apart from the rest and helping them take their business to the next level

In no time, JustCall has built many call center features around Twilio’s solutions in order to enhance the end-user experience for their customers. These features include SMS bots, SMS campaigns, CSAT feedback, and IVR, and have been implemented into their platform offering.

JustCall continues to grow its business and has been doubling its team size. Looking to the future means exploring how to improve their customers’ overall user experience. One way to do this is to enhance the quality of the voice call using Twilio Edge Locations. This solution regionalises the connection by bypassing the public Internet and helps improve the efficiency and quality of the call.

Another opportunity that JustCall is exploring is to see how Twilio’s Media Streams solution can offer a new type of value-add service to their customers. Given remote center interactions are logged and trackable, this data can be leveraged to build models around providing real time information to a call center agent. Information for example that can let them know whether a customer is unhappy or frustrated so that the agent can modify his/her interactions accordingly. This could create a new revenue stream and JustCall hopes to offer this by the end of this year.

JustCall’s vision for the future of remote call centers in the cloud is a game changer. Their differentiated services sets them apart from the other players. One of the main reasons many companies are switching to JustCall is because of the level of deep integration their platform employs and how it improves a remote call centers’ workflow, enhances the sales teams’ user experience and can ultimately impact businesses’ bottom line. With Twilio’s many product offerings for setting up remote call centers, JustCall’s possibilities are limitless.

“From day one, we had to compete against other billion dollar call center players already in the market. One of the reasons we became successful so quickly is because we have prioritized customer experience as one of the most important features of our platforms. Whether our customers have big or small operations, we treat their experience equally. We couldn’t have done this without Twilio’s partnership and high quality solutions.”

Gaurav Sharma Founder and CEO

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