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By the end of 2022, some 15 million households in Italy will have to choose a utility company as the energy marketplace completes a shift to a privatized model. Navigating the options can be overwhelming, but Supermoney offers an online service that simplifies the process of comparing prices and then choosing and contracting among the almost two dozen gas and electric providers.

Supermoney’s team of 400 already is an online platform that makes it simple to compare pricing, not only among utility companies but also for services including internet, cable, and financial products like mortgages and insurance. The company’s goal is to be a “trusted one-stop shop” for customers to find the best deals and the easiest onboarding experience across all these sectors.

On the other side of the contracting equation, Supermoney provides completely digitized sales and onboarding tools to the leading electric, gas, and connectivity companies in Italy. For these vendor partners, Supermoney acts as a digital disruptor, creating a significantly improved service experience for their customers while reducing their own operational costs.

Supermoney recognized that the industry needed not only an improvement in its digital interface with customers, but a more efficient integration of the self-service and high-touch human component of its customer support experience. 

Empowered by Twilio technology, Supermoney has created a communication platform that reduces average customer transactions. Supermoney has simultaneously been able to save consumers up to 400 euros a year on their services while increasing revenue for the utility and connectivity providers through improved efficiency. 

Greater support for rapid growth

Before adopting Twilio, Supermoney used another  telephony system. While that system worked well to help get the business off the ground, it could not keep up when Supermoney’s customer base started expanding. 

“With the exponential growth we had in the last two years, we needed to build a customizable contact management system,” explained Giacomo Del Lungo, product manager at Supermoney. “Twilio provided the required flexibility and scalability we needed.” 

As scrutiny and regulation from European regulatory authorities increased, Supermoney had to gain more control over customer data and the CRM infrastructure. Supermoney had developed and implemented new data storage systems, and Twilio provided the flexibility and functionality to power communication for them. 

It wasn’t just growth in Italy and compliance challenges in Europe that caused Supermoney to choose Twilio. “Our plans for international expansion required us to find a truly global and scalable technology partner,” said Davide Ceci, Supermoney’s business unit director for gas and power, broadband, insurance and financial services.

“With the exponential growth we had in the last two years, we needed to build a customizable contact management system. Twilio provided the required flexibility and scalability we needed.”

Giacomo Del Lungo Product Manager

A smarter, more intuitive contact center

Supermoney worked with the product team at Twilio to spin up a new contact management system. They knew they wanted a platform that supported multiple channels that could integrate flexibly with each other.  

Eighty percent of Supermoney’s new contact center is built using tools from Twilio. The new contact system started with Programmable Voice. Twilio’s Studio gave them the ability to quickly create a customized interactive voice response (IVR) system using intuitive drag-and-drop tools. While the previous system used only standard logic, they were able to create one that had much greater flexibility and the ability to do A/B testing, leading to higher conversions. 

Using Studio, in-house developers built a predictive dialer in house and created criteria around the optimization of the workforce. Twilio’s Italian-speaking support team was available every step of the way, providing guidance in development and prompt resolution for occasional server and contact center connectivity hiccups. 

Better experience for businesses and their customers

The result? Sales consultants had a better set of tools to work with. Intelligent automation augmented their human-to-human expertise. Armed with more data insights about the customer’s interaction history, they were able to resolve each call more quickly. The contact center was able to handle a 30 percent leap in a single day. 

This generated more revenue for Supermoney’s business customers as well as a faster, easier, and more personalized user journey for Italian consumers. 

It also created dividends in allowing Supermoney’s executives to invest their own time in more high-value strategizing. “Twilio allowed me to focus on the business side of things, knowing the technical systems are something I don’t need to worry about,” Ceci said. 

What’s ahead for Supermoney and Twilio? “By the end of 2022, more than half the households in Italy will need to find new utility providers,” Ceci said. “We see Twilio as the future-proof partner that will allow us to capitalize on this opportunity.” 

To make this happen, other departments and product divisions inside Supermoney are now building tailored communication solutions to improve processes and create tools that meet customers where they are. New components will include capability for WhatsApp, SMS, live chat, and conference calls. They will continue to seek ways to create personalized customer experience at scale to better support both customers and the companies that serve them.

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