Positec and Terazo Transform Customer Service with Twilio’s Voice Innovations

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50% reduction

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Positec sought to enhance its global customer service operations, aiming to manage them locally with a personalized touch while integrating multiple communication channels seamlessly. They needed a flexible platform to adapt quickly to rapidly changing customer needs and expectations.


Positec built a custom contact center on Twilio Flex, enabling them to control and rapidly iterate their customer service processes. This solution integrated voice and webchat, with plans to add email, allowing for a seamless and efficient multi-channel customer support experience


In the digital era, voice remains a key player in customer service. It offers a personal touch that digital channels can't quite match, making it crucial for companies to effectively integrate voice with other communication methods for a seamless customer experience. Businesses, especially global ones, face the challenge of providing consistent, high-quality service across various regions while keeping up with evolving customer expectations. 

Positec, known for its innovative power tools, encountered these challenges head-on. They needed a way to manage global customer service that felt local and integrated multiple communication channels smoothly. Partnering with Twilio and Terazo, Positec used Twilio's flexible platform to revamp their customer service. This story explores how Positec used voice technology to enhance customer support and improve efficiency, showcasing the practical impact of technology in improving customer satisfaction and operational performance.

Positec, despite its global presence and recognition in the power tools and garden equipment industry, encountered significant hurdles in its customer service operations. Their primary challenge was offering a personalized and localized service experience across the multiple countries they operated in. This struggle for localization led to inconsistencies in customer satisfaction levels, as Positec found it difficult to manage and provide a unified customer service experience that met the diverse needs and expectations of its global customer base. Additionally, the company faced logistical issues in managing phone numbers globally, a seemingly simple task that became complex and cumbersome without a single, unified platform. 

Another major obstacle for Positec was the integration of various communication channels into their customer service strategy. As customer expectations for seamless interactions across voice, webchat, and soon email grew, Positec found themselves at a crossroads. Their existing customer service infrastructure was rigid and unable to quickly adapt to these rapidly changing needs. Without a flexible platform, updating their IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system or making changes based on customer feedback was slow and inefficient, putting them at risk of falling behind competitors who could offer more dynamic and responsive customer service.

“When we started looking for a partner to help us integrate and enhance our contact center capabilities, we knew we needed someone with a proven track record and the right credentials. It was crucial to find a partner who had not only the technical skills but also a deep understanding of the contact center challenges we might face. ”

Karol Hawryszkiewicz Customer Experience Manager EMEA, Positec


Recognizing the need for a transformative solution to their customer service challenges, Positec turned to Twilio, a leader in cloud communications, and its build partner, Terazo. They were drawn to Twilio's reputation for flexibility and innovation, specifically its ability to unify and manage diverse communication channels on a single platform. Twilio's voice technology presented an opportunity for Positec to overhaul their customer service framework, enabling them to deliver a more personalized and efficient customer experience. The goal was clear: leverage Twilio Flex to build a custom contact center solution that could integrate voice and webchat, ensuring a seamless and cohesive customer service operation across all touchpoints.

The partnership with Terazo, a Twilio Gold partner known for its deep expertise in Twilio Flex, was pivotal. Terazo’s proven track record in implementing complex communication solutions reassured Positec of their ability to navigate the intricacies of a global customer service overhaul. This collaboration aimed not just to solve Positec’s immediate problems but also to equip them with a scalable, innovative platform that could adapt to future needs and technologies. By building their own contact center on Twilio Flex, Positec aimed to gain complete control over their customer service operations, allowing for rapid iteration and customization based on real-time customer feedback and evolving business requirements.

The collaboration between Positec, Twilio, and Terazo yielded remarkable results, transforming Positec’s customer service into a more efficient, responsive, and cost-effective operation. By leveraging Twilio's voice technology and custom solutions developed with Terazo, Positec achieved a significant 50% reduction in customer service response times, leading to dramatically improved customer satisfaction scores. Operational costs were reduced by approximately 25%, as the new system's efficiency decreased the need for additional resources, allowing funds to be redirected towards further innovation and improvement. These changes not only fulfilled Positec's immediate goals but also set a new standard for customer engagement within the industry, proving the value of investing in innovative customer service solutions. 

Furthermore, Positec's forward-thinking approach to incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) into their customer service operations marked another significant achievement in their collaboration with Twilio and Terazo. By pioneering the use of AI features, such as leveraging natural language processing to understand and summarize customer inquiries, Positec was able to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of their customer interactions. This innovative use of technology not only streamlined the problem-resolution process but also provided a more personalized and engaging customer experience.


“The collaboration between Positec, Twilio, and Terazo set a new standard for our customer engagement, with a 25% reduction in operational costs and improved satisfaction scores for our customer service. ”

Karol Hawryszkiewicz Customer Experience Manager EMEA, Positec


Positec's journey with Twilio and Terazo demonstrates the transformative power of integrating advanced communication technologies and AI into customer service operations. Their success story underscores the importance of innovation and adaptability in meeting evolving customer needs, setting a benchmark for excellence in customer engagement and operational efficiency in the global market.

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