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Rapidops Inc. is one of the fastest-growing digital strategy, transformation, and innovation companies in the USA. Being in this business for 13+ years, Rapidops has partnered with leading companies of all shapes and sizes to transform their businesses by leveraging the power of technologies like mobile, cloud, analytics, AI/ML, and IoT. They have launched around 210 products and have helped 430+ clients to unlock and monetise their digital opportunities.

In addition to the digital products, Rapidops has also built many software platforms that it licenses to its customers. One such platform is Salesmate, which is an all-in-one platform to deliver personalised marketing, sales, and services experiences. As a true multichannel platform, it enables thousands of businesses to organise, automate, and scale their customer touchpoints across web, email, calls, text, chat, and social channels. Salesmate customers are getting 3x more deals, 2x more productivity, and reducing costs with its modern and fully integrated customer platform.

Rapidops is known for the speed and quality of its technology products and enterprise services. Their engineering team was on a mission to launch the industry’s first native built-in calling and texting capabilities inside Salesmate CRM in less than 3 months. These features would enable their customers to purchase local phone numbers, call prospects and customers, record calls, send text campaigns, and much more without needing a separate product.

Rapidops was looking to partner with a cloud telephony provider to offer built-in calling and texting capabilities inside Salesmate. As the team was looking for a long-term relationship with their potential pick, it was crucial to conduct thorough research across all available options. It was so important that Rapidops’ CTO was also directly involved from day one in evaluating the best telephony service provider. Within a couple of weeks, Rapidops’ engineering team conducted an extensive and multi-dimensional evaluation of multiple vendors and zeroed down their choice on Twilio because of these reasons:

  • Developer friendly – Twilio provided sufficient configuration and control that enabled Rapidops’ engineers to be successful without running into roadblocks
  • High performance and reliability – This was a critical area because Rapidops’ customers would suffer if services do not perform well. For instance, one minute of downtime has the potential to impact hundreds of customers all at once
  • Reasonable cost – CRM is a very competitive market. While other players offered cheaper rates, Rapidops recognised the need to strike a balance between performance and reliability. Twilio’s rates allowed them to do just that
  • Expert engineering and implementation – Rapidops also found that Twilio offered expert engineering and implementation services, along with well-structured and easy to integrate APIs (for both the building and maintaining side.)

With Twilio’s developer-friendly platform and fast support, Rapidops was able to deliver the built-in calling and texting features in less than 90 days. Since then, thousands of Salesmate customers are using the calling and texting features for a wide variety of use cases, and the adoption of these features has been growing exponentially.

“In the past six months, our usage of Twilio has grown by 500%, and we continue to launch more features that drive even further usage on our platform! By partnering with Twilio, we were able to bypass the same amount of time and money that Twilio had already invested – years of effort and hundreds of thousands of engineer hours.”

Jayesh Mori CEO

“Our customers have commented online that Salesmate offers the best telephony integration, and this has been made possible by our partnership with Twilio,” said Samir Motwani, the head of the Salesmate platform. “Many of our ring-central customers have been inquiring about our native telephony, and we are seeing many of them migrate to the features that are powered by Twilio. Given mobile communications is a critical channel for sales teams, Twilio is clearly well baked into our platform.”

In the last 12 months, Rapidops continued to launch new features by leveraging additional Twilio products and services, including:

  • Twilio virtual phone numbers (supporting 100 countries worldwide) for purchase by their customers. This is an important feature as it allows sales teams to acquire local numbers thereby increasing the chance their calls will be picked up
  • Twilio Programmable Voice for call conferencing, call forwarding and for call outcomes
  • Call outcome is a key feature that automates call logging and enables sales teams to see which calls have been answered and which have not
  • Call forwarding helps in a seamless transition from a web call to a mobile phone call
  • Twilio Programmable Call Recording allows calls to be recorded, stored, transcribed or retrieved from the cloud
  • Twilio Call APIs automatically initiates or drops calls depending on the customer’s response
  • Twilio SMS platform enables Rapidops customers to use multiple phone numbers from a pool of numbers to either send 1:1 or bulk messages
  • Twilio Text Pilot allows customers to use multiple phone numbers from a pool of numbers to send personalised messages to a large base of customers
  • Twilio Call Masking is a feature that maintains the privacy of phone numbers on both ends
  • Twilio Programmable Wireless for cellular networks ensures that field representatives have a perfect internet connection anytime, anywhere
  • Twilio Ringing Strategies includes capabilities such as simultaneous ringing where more than one person will receive an inbound call eventually increasing the chance that the call will be picked up by someone

Moving forward with Twilio SendGrid and Programmable Video

Apart from using Twilio’s telephony services, Rapidops currently leverages SendGrid, an email service that was acquired by Twilio. Salesmate is sending millions of emails on an everyday basis that are now backed by Twilio. Rapidops is also exploring other solutions with Twilio, such as WhatsApp integration, and hopes to have it on their product roadmap later this year.

Rapidops works with many enterprises in manufacturing, retail, healthcare, and other domains. Owing to their platform expertise and remarkable success with the Salesmate platform, they are now confident in helping many enterprises design, engineer, and deliver next-gen digital experiences on top of the Twilio platform.

“It was a matter of build vs. partner, and partnering with Twilio was a natural choice that allowed Rapidops to get to the market faster.”

Jayesh Mori CEO

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