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The power of cloud-based solutions has changed the telecom landscape forever. Ozonetel is one of many companies proving the global impact software can really have—and they’ve partnered with Twilio to help bring their services to the U.S. market.

“Way back in 2011 we launched our contact center here in India,” said Prashath Kancherla, Ozonetel’s VP of international business. “India has been a strong base for us with 1500 plus customers and contact centers ranging from five seats to 2,000 seats.”

But with an effective and scalable contact center platform, Ozonetel knew their services had global potential. “We’d been thinking about entering the U.S. market for some time, and we took the plunge in 2017,” Kancherla said.

Almost everything they needed for launch could be hosted on the cloud—but they still required a way to effectively integrate with the U.S. telecommunications infrastructure before they could begin serving customers in the states. According to Kancherla, their team was already well aware of Twilio, and that, “looking at all the telecom players at that point, Twilio was the best bet.”

With Twilio’s elastic SIP trunking APIs and the ability to purchase local phone numbers, Ozonetel was able to enter the market successfully and provide their customers with everything they needed to run a seamless, cloud-based call center.

The importance of seamless solutions

When considering the obstacles they’d face in entering the U.S. market, the Ozonetel team knew that an easy-to-implement solution was key: “Our main challenge was ease of use—that’s what attracted us to Twilio.”

Getting an effective VoIP solution working can be tough—but Ozonetel’s team immediately found that Twilio made it easier than ever. “From the moment we signed into Twilio, to going live and making the first call, was about 30 minutes total,” Kancherla said.

But that ease wasn’t just crucial for their own team: integrating with existing telecommunications systems needed to be seamless for customers, too. One of the most important things Ozonetel’s team knew they needed were local phone numbers that customers could use within their call center software.

“In the food service and delivery business, they obviously need local numbers in that region with the right NPA NXX format,” Kancherla explained. “So Twilio was really helpful in getting those local numbers, and then service-wise, we knew Twilio was very stable—so that was the all-around right choice for us and our customers.”

The power to scale

According to Kancherla, one of the best things about partnering with Twilio has been that it’s trusted by their customers: “No customer has ever asked us about the quality of service once we told them we operate on top of Twilio. They know it’s reliable, and that makes things easier for us.”

That reliability has been key for entering the US market and scaling to increased demand. Ozonetel now serves more than 1,500 enterprise customers with agents in the US, Singapore, and more handling 2 billion calls. “One of the best things I’ve seen in the past three years with Twilio is no down times. That’s superb,” Kancherla said.

With the help of Twilio and a powerful combination of globally-connected infrastructure and locally-tailored solutions, Ozonetel plans to continue scaling their business across the globe and providing customers with excellent digital experiences.

“No customer has ever asked us about the quality of service once we told them we operate on top of Twilio. They know it’s reliable, and that makes things easier for us.”

Prashath Kancherla VP of International Business

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