Labflow integrates Twilio Programmable Messaging to help deliver important health diagnoses to patients in Australia

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of all COVID-19 PCR tests in Australia

Labflow’s mission is to create cloud-based laboratory solutions that can work at any scale, and can be applied to different types of use cases based on the medical specialty. The team’s success with solving critical customer problems and automating and improving communication workflows, led to Labflow being a fitting solution for pathology labs in Australia during the Covid-19 pandemic. Positivity rates of the virus had significantly increased and caused testing systems at laboratories across New South Wales to break. Labflow enables pathology labs to revamp and improve efficiencies for lab processing and testing.

Today, Labflow works with more than 70 clinics in New South Wales, and processes over fifty percent of all Covid-19 PCR tests, or more than three million tests. As they continue to grow and expand to other parts of Australia, Southeast Asia and the UK, they rely on Twilio Programmable Messaging to deliver reliable and timely communications for their customers.

Twilio Programmable SMS Messaging Platform chosen to deliver reliable and timely communications to patients.

One of the key elements that makes Labflow’s end-to-end software solution successful, is Twilio Programmable Messaging which is embedded throughout the entire automated workflow process. Once a patient has checked in to a clinic/lab for testing, they receive a QR code which then prompts them to create a medical profile. The patient receives a text message confirming their profile has been created and that they’re in the system, then a second confirming that their specimen has been collected, and a final text that delivers their test results. Twilio’s messaging APIs integrated within Labflow’s solution has helped streamline the entire workflow process and enabled efficiencies throughout, bringing the process down to 90 seconds per patient.

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“We were early adopters of Twilio, so we’ve known for 10 years now just how reliable their solution is. Over the last 12 months, we have delivered an end-to-end solution that has improved and changed the way pathology labs in Australia manage and process their Covid-19 tests. Twilio is a key piece to how labs are quickly and seamlessly communicating with patients.”

Ben Richardson CEO of Labflow and Equinox Ventures

Twilio messaging APIs make sending and receiving SMS messages simple and easy. It is a trusted solution for even the most advanced and sensitive use cases such as health diagnoses. It also gives organisations like Labflow, who are processing and delivering critical information, the ability to manage, monitor and troubleshoot deliverability of important test results with real-time analytics. These abilities and features have helped substantially decrease the amount of calls the clinics and/or labs now receive per day. Over forty thousand SMS messages are sent out weekly, and approximately 7 million text messages have been sent to date.

Labflow targets the overall pathology sector and other healthcare use cases.

Improved efficiencies around processing Covid-19 testing due to Labflow’s software solution led one lab to be able to test for three other viruses including RSV, and Influenza A and B all from the same swab. This demonstrates that Labflow’s platform can be leveraged and extended to test for any disease or virus and has the same ability to deliver quick results back to the patient via text messages that are powered by Twilio. Labflow offers a flexible, out-of-the-box solution that is fully customisable and allows labs to easily tailor different types of text messages based on what is being tested, along with corresponding negative/positive results.

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Beyond Covid-19 testing - possibilities are endless for Labflow’s software solution

Labflow’s achievement in disrupting the healthcare space and how disease testing can be managed more efficiently has opened up new doors for how its solution can be applied in different ways. The same concept can be applied to veterinary services for certain viruses and diseases.

Labflow is exploring how their end-to-end software solution can also help bridge the gap around patients’ access to their health data. Labflow understands that patients not only want to own and understand their health data, they also want to have direct access to their results. Therefore, Labflow has an opportunity to bridge the communications gap between the lab itself and the patient.

Labflow’s prospects of extending its software solution to numerous areas within the healthcare space – whether humans or animals, AI or Genomics – are limitless and they’ve only just begun. With Twilio as their partner of choice, they look forward to taking their business to the next level.

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