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With communication at the core of its business, a seamless 24/7 consulting process is a necessity for Interhyp Group. To create it, the early days fintech relies on Twilio Flex and Twilio APIs.

24/7 and omnichannel – these magic words resound like an angels’ choir in the ears of a Chief Digital or Marketing Officer. All channels and every piece of communication in one dedicated place. The process behind it has turned into the gold standard for a state-of-the-art user experience. Yet, what ultimately feels smooth and seamless for the customer is often a patchwork quilt on the part of those who build this user experience. It's not uncommon that a wide variety of tools and software programs intertwine in the consulting process. Ideally, the customer doesn't notice any of this.

A journey of continuous improvement

German mortgage broker Interhyp is constantly looking at new ways to leverage their solutions to improve engagement with its customers who use an increasing number of digital communication channels in their everyday lives. 


“We found the ideal partner for our digital customer engagement in Twilio as their solutions deliver outstanding customer experiences and support us as we continue our journey. As our customers are continuously demanding for more modern communications channels, we aim to stay ahead of that curve. So, the journey together continues as we are tackling smart conversational APIs as the next channels.”

Markus Fienhold Member of the Board at Interhyp AG

Becoming a homeowner can be an emotional journey, particularly when it comes to obtaining a mortgage. With many options to be considered and important decisions to be made, expert advice and personal service are must haves for mortgage-seekers. Also, the convenience of being able to use preferred digital communication channels while interacting with mortgage advisors has become increasingly important. Interhyp Group, one of Germany’s leading mortgage brokers, understands the needs of mortgage-seekers and has continuously evolved its business to maximize customer engagement.

Revolutionizing high touch customer engagement

Just recently, the mortgage broker went live with their cutting-edge video consultation tool based on Twilio Video on their digital platform HOME and the tool has now become an integral part of their omnichannel strategy, revolutionizing the way advisors engage with their clients.

The primary goal behind this technology was to set new standards for effective and personalized digital consultation experiences, fostering direct and efficient real-time communication. Interhyp is proud to say that they have achieved just that - delivering unparalleled quality and utmost customization options to their valued customers. Moreover, they empower advisors to enhance interactions by easily sharing screens, guiding customers visually through the consultation journey, or providing real-time clarifications using annotations and markings.

In addition to being an integral part of customer interactions, the platform also supports the company’s frequent partner communications Prohyp with 500+ lenders, insurers, and credit unions. A white label solution of HOME provides high-touch support for their digital journeys. The essence of success in this case is seamless communication built using Twilio’s reliable and easy-to-use omnichannel communication solutions.

Digital transformation with one goal: to help their customers

During transformation, Interhyp witnessed the tremendous impact of personalized customer interactions and committing to customer focus. Embracing digitalization, they harnessed cutting-edge technology to optimize its services, ensuring seamless and exceptional customer experiences in today's fast-paced digital landscape. 

This transformation would only be possible by adopting technology with outstanding reliability, ease-of-use, and customizability at its core. The mortgage Platform HOME chose to work with this new technology partner and integrate various solutions for two use cases: Twilio APIs to power its voice and video communications, and Twilio Flex, their programmable cloud-based contact center, to support the bespoke digital channel strategy and IT support experience of the Munich based fintech.

Using APIs to enable personalized customer interactions

The personal interactions between the customers and mortgage advisors are the cornerstone of customer satisfaction. Customers and their advisors communicate frequently during the sales process – from the point of initial customer interest through to a first consultation and, following the frequent exchange of information, finalizing the transaction. Advisors need to deal with several different communication channels.

By integrating powerful APIs into the communication module of its mortgage platform, HOME can offer customers convenient voice possibilities at any point in this process. At the same time, advisors benefit from user-friendly and time saving features including the opening of the correct sales application and the displaying of individual customer data for incoming calls. Another big plus for them is that the solution is fully integrated into their everyday work tool, meaning they don’t have to switch tools when they want to communicate with customers.

In addition to enhancing customer interactions, APIs have provided technical and operational benefits including a 99.5% connection rate, the possibility to quickly perform troubleshooting based on log files and the easy adaptation of telephony and features to meet the individual needs of users’ interfaces.

“We have general operation units as well as personal advisors with specifically assigned customers. With Twilio providing a robust and easy-to-implement backend solution we’re able to focus on what we do best which is providing a personal and rewarding customer journey on our HOME platform.”

Dr. Natalie Geigenberger Head of Product - Customer Qualification, Interhyp Group

The convenience of plug-and-play with the flexibility to customize

Besides the communication between personally assigned mortgage advisors and a small group of assigned customers for 1-1 consultations, the German mortgage broker provides first-time- and singular communication with large groups of customers before they even enter the mortgage process. A vital tenet of their digital transformation strategy is first-class support to these customers. This is where Twilio Flex came into play: a cloud-based contact center platform, to provide a comprehensive tool for their external customer and internal IT support – with selective customizations for their processes.

“Interhyp Group leveraged Twilio Flex’s ‘out-of-the-box’ features to create an omnichannel support experience. Beyond this, we were able to easily add customizations within the tool for our own unique processes”, says Barbara Sechéhaye, Head of Corporate Efficiency. “These customizations included the ability to add multiple call participants, add white label options and create automatic wrap-up functions which are performed when a call has ended.”

The program now covers most of the company’s crucial operations use cases. Besides the external benefits of seamlessly connecting customers with the support, leveraging the software also accelerates re-skilling employees. 

“In the past, we had to face the issue of having the customer service agents added to the system when the call volume was already decreasing – which was too late. Today, we see it on the dashboard in real time and can act faster.”

Florian Sprenger Team Lead customer service support at Interhyp.

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