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The word “mortgage” probably doesn’t inspire feelings of inner peace in many people. But that hasn’t stopped Better Mortgage from trying to change this sentiment. Their mission of “making homeownership simpler, faster – and most importantly, more accessible for all Americans” has meant that its thousands of satisfied customers don’t dread the “m” word the way others may.

Better Mortgage helps more Americans achieve their dream of homeownership by providing tools and borrowing guidance designed for simplicity and accessibility. The keys to their streamlined mortgage process is their 100% online application, coupled with a direct line of contact to a one-on-one mortgage consultant.

Passing customers back and forth from tech tools to human contacts requires a system that can seamlessly align all the moving parts involved. They needed flexible and integrated inbound support that would allow them to deliver on their promise of a stress-free customer experience. In their search for a solution, they found Twilio.

Creating a seamlessly integrated contact center

At a time when home buying has become an Olympic-level gauntlet of paperwork and fees for borrowers, Better Mortgage also discovered a few hurdles in their own path. By far, the obstruction causing the greatest holdup was their SaaS contact-center offering.

The biggest issue was that their SaaS contact center couldn’t be integrated into their homegrown system, meaning there was no way for these two vital platforms to seamlessly communicate and pass data between them. This lack of integration was stalling Better Mortgage’s ability to innovate around CX and create a truly personalized experience.

It was obvious to the team that change was needed. Staying with their SaaS contact center would stagnate their ability to adequately support their customers. And without the ability to integrate their system for lead generation, they were limited in reaching many people who would benefit from their services.

To bridge the gap between their proprietary platform and their contact center, Better Mortgage deployed Twilio Flex. Assisted by Twilio’s Professional Services team, they spent a four-month pilot period testing against technical and business requirements before a full and successful migration. Better Mortgage chose Flex to support their CX strategy because it allowed them to envision the optimal customer journey and then iterate a solution. In this way, they were able to weave flexibility right into the fabric of the system. Now, equipped with their internal Flex-powered calling app “Toto,” Better Mortgage can offer their borrowers a simple and direct line of communication to their expert consultants and supervisors with fewer hurdles between human talent and tech.

Twilio’s Professional Services collaborated with the Better Mortgage stakeholders for a smooth deployment of the software and adaptation of telco best practices. Twilio’s professional services team guidance ensured a well-executed and stable transition to Flex contact center platform.

The full migration and integration of data means consultants can pick up the dialogue from the borrower’s latest activity, so customers don’t have to wait for their information to be retrieved each time they contact the company. Agents are readily available through a telephony system, providing borrowers with reliable and convenient access to expert guidance so they can complete their mortgage or refinancing process quickly and painlessly.

Better Mortgage also deployed Twilio Flex keeping their employee experience in mind to reduce the manual tasks required by its ever-expanding workforce. They also needed a faster way to speed up the onboarding process and simplify setting employees up with instances. Twilio Flex helped by automating manual tasks like provisioning users, troubleshooting bugs, queue assignment, and routing configurations, giving employees room to focus their efforts on delivering personalized mortgage guidance to customers.

“Twilio has helped add more functionality to our business by bridging the gap between our strategic initiatives and the implementation of new tools and product features that get us there. This in turn has made for a simpler, faster, and cheaper homeownership process for our customers,” explains Khazar Shirmammadov, who oversees Tools & Processes at Better Mortgage.

Raising the bar in customer experience

Revolutionizing home ownership in America is no small feat, and Twilio is proud to be a part of powering Better Mortgage’s mission in more ways than one. Better Mortgage has also partnered with Twilio to deploy SendGrid Email API for managing its transactional emails. And looking ahead, they also have plans to expand their contact support offerings with SMS communications.

“At Better, providing a best-in-class customer experience is central in our mission to make homeownership more accessible,” Shirmammadov said.

Better Mortgage is transforming the way Americans approach the home buying experience. With Twilio’s help, they’re better equipped than ever to deliver customer experiences that inspire confidence and deliver satisfaction.

“At Better, providing a best-in-class customer experience is central in our mission to make homeownership more accessible.”

Khazar Shirmammadov Insights & Strategy Associate

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