Global66 expands digital FinServ across LATAM with the help of Twilio

Latin America is a region where a large part of the population does not belong to the financial system. Therefore, they are unbanked or underbanked and do not have access to financial services like bank accounts, credit cards, loans, mortgages and more. Digital wallets, alternative payment methods, and cards, are some of the solutions that have been emerging across Latin American fintechs, including Global66. 

Global66 was established in 2018 in Chile with the goal of forming the largest digital bank in Latin America but with the versatility,  flexibility and customer centricity of a fintech company. They are focused on providing financial products and services to all individuals in the digital space, such as accounts, payments, cards, and others.

In order to achieve this goal, Global66 was looking for a partner from the beginning that could help them communicate with their customers via WhatsApp and SMS across Latin America. They needed the capability to easily scale volumes and reach to other countries because they would have to attract thousands of customers to their platform and they cannot afford to spend their resources on multiple integrations since they want to focus on providing quality products and services for their customers. The customer is always at the center of all the decisions they make and in that context Twilio has proven to be the ideal partner. Today they use Twilio Verify in all their products such as instant payments and international transfers, multi-currency wallets among others.

“We started with one route (Chile - Perú), now we have routes and customers from 7 countries within Latin America. We were able to accelerate our expansion thanks to Twilio.”

Maurizio Oneto CXO
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Global, multi-channel reach with Twilio

Global66 relies on Twilio VerifyTwilio Programmable Messaging and the WhatsApp Business Platform with Twilio to provide an optimal user experience and maintain an ideal quality of service. 

With Twilio Verify they execute phone number verification for account creation and login to protect the customer’s account. This has allowed them to have a high level of deliverability of One Time Passwords (OTPs) and maintain security for their customers. With the phone number they can modify their data and also recover their password.  “For us, if just one percent of customers do not receive their OTP to validate the phone, that is unacceptable. That’s a lot of people who are going to be left out and will not be able to use our products. The robustness that Twilio Verify has to deliver OTPs is super important.” – Maurizio Oneto, CXO

On the other hand, they always want to be close to their customers and on their favorite communication channels so they use the WhatsApp Business API and Programmable Messaging for alerts and notifications to customers. These include information about transactions and promotions as well. “Customers tell us, I’d rather you send me a WhatsApp or SMS. We’ve done it and conversion is much higher with Twilio.” – Maurizio Oneto, CXO

Additionally, Global66 has been able to get the most out of these products because from day one it has had access to all the API documentation, the sandbox for testing, good quality support service and ease of implementation.

“Twilio’s API is really first class.”

Maurizio Oneto CXO

Twilio provides increasing returns

Twilio has not only been a partner that has brought good quality products with good performance, global reach and facilitates processes, but it has also been a partner that generates efficiencies and ultimately, savings.

Using a service that does not have the scalability of Twilio would imply increasing their customer support area, developing alternative tools for validation such as telephone and also some customer verification tools. Also, this would mean allocating resources to non-core business matters and they would not be able to focus on what the customer needs.

“If you forecast that forward, you´ll see that effectively, there are savings. It's not just dollar savings. It's not just money, it's also focus. By being able to have it day-to-day running and not having to spend time correcting errors, we can focus on other things that do have a lot of direct value to our customers. If you do that double click you realize there are savings and many benefits.”

Maurizio Oneto CXO

Expansion continues for Global66

The future has never looked brighter for Global66. They plan to continue strengthening their service and launching new products that will help them provide the best experience to their customers. This is why they are considering using Twilio Segment in the future. With Twilio Segment, businesses have a holistic view of each individual customer across web, email, SMS, WhatsApp, and more. Then, Segment uses that data and enables the business to quickly and simply send personalized communications to the customers on each of their preferred channels, whatever they may be.

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