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Curaytor is a full-service digital marketing company that helps small businesses grow with inbound marketing strategies, lead conversation tools, coaching, and support. Founded in 2013, Curaytor serves over 800 clients in the US and Canada.

Co-founder Jimmy Mackin leads product strategy at Curaytor to ensure that the tools Curaytor builds, including email marketing tools, align with customer success goals.

“We realized that there was a big opportunity in helping clients understand the value of follow up. Email is the perfect channel for sending these messages to the right people at the right time.”

Jimmy Mackin headshot Jimmy Mackin Co-founder


Having already mastered customer acquisition via Facebook advertising, Jimmy and his team wanted to elevate clients’ email follow up by moving from a third-party provider to an in-house email tool. He wanted something that was more closely integrated with Curaytor’s other digital products.

The goal was to build a simple email tool with network effects, where clients would have access to a database of the best performing messages sent by other Curaytor clients. Jimmy and his team needed an email partner which would:

  • Be scalable and cost-effective to build pipeline
  • Integrate quickly so they could be first to market
  • Integrate easily

To use email data alongside Curaytor’s CRM and website data, they needed an email platform that would need to be compatible with their existing systems.

“We were moving clients from a productive email platform to our own system. We didn’t have time or room for error,” says Jimmy.


After a few weeks with a smaller email service provider (ESP), Curaytor moved their email program to Twilio SendGrid. “Email companies everywhere compared themselves to Twilio SendGrid,” says Jimmy. “If we’re going to build this thing, we should go with the industry leader instead of number two.”

In addition to getting access to a robust, global email infrastructure, Jimmy and his team were able to leverage Twilio SendGrid’s Implementation Services to get:

  • Email experts who would act as an extension of the team for the onboarding process
  • Custom architecture guidance to set up IPs and authenticate domains to make sure email is delivered reliably
  • Account monitoring to ensure the implementation is completed correctly, which is critical the product launch


With the help of SendGrid’s Implementation Services team, Jimmy and his team were able to build, test, and release their new product called Curaytor Brain without a hitch to achieve:

  • Worry-free scalability: With email architecture that’s built to scale, Jimmy expects to onboard 1,000 customers within a year
  • Increased client adoption: Clients are sending 75% more email on a monthly basis through Curaytor Brain than their previous ESP
  • Shortened time to market: Curaytor was able to set the tool live within 4 weeks

“We wouldn’t have been able to do this without Twilio SendGrid in our corner.”

Jimmy Mackin headshot Jimmy Mackin Co-founder

Bottom line

Twilio SendGrid’s Implementation Services is the perfect fit for Curaytor because of its:

  • Scalability: The team has worked with hundreds of customers to ensure their email programs are built for long-term growth.
  • Expertise: By specializing in ramp up and warmup, the Implementation team allows customers to focus on improving and innovating their business.
  • Efficiency: With customized guidance, the Implementation team ensures customers ramp up properly the first time to save them time and headaches later on.
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“With Twilio SendGrid’s help, we dramatically shortened time from concept to deployment. The Implementation team was super flexible with our timeline. They helped us with the boring stuff that’s important for deliverability like account architecture and setting up IPs, giving us more time to focus on the user experience.”

Jimmy Mackin headshot Jimmy Mackin Co-founder

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