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To add a layer of security to shared files, Box built a two-factor authentication solution on Twilio SMS that verifies users are who they say they are as an additional layer of security for files stored in the cloud.

Keeping accounts secure in the cloud

As a fast growing technology company, Box is constantly iterating to find new ways to support its customers. “The really exciting thing about working in the technology industry is how much change is going on on a regular basis,” said Aaron Levie, CEO of Box. “Every single day we wake up and there are new things we can go built, new opportunities to go capture, and new customers we can work with.”

Customers trust Box to keep their files secure. Many companies store critical information and data in the cloud and need to feel confident that these files won’t be compromised. Box wanted to ensure that its customers’ data would be protected as it moved between Box and various other systems.

With so many different people needing access to files stored in the cloud—customers, partners, vendors, contractors, employees—Box’s customers need a reliable and scalable way to keep their accounts secure.

Box quickly built and seamlessly integrated with Twilio

“One of the pillars of the company is security,” said Lev Kantorovskiy, a senior architect at Box. “We’re in the space where you can’t skimp on security features.”

When Box’s developers were looking for a way to enhance security by enabling Two-Factor Authentication with SMS, “Twilio was far and away the simplest and most compelling choice for us and we were able to build the application very quickly using Twilio’s platform,” said Kantorovskiy. To the delight of the engineering team, Twilio’s API seamlessly and quickly integrated with Box.

box user identification through SMS security system
box user identification through SMS security system

Beyond the desktop

Customers increasingly want to access information from a variety of devices, including their data stored in Box. “With services like Twilio, you’re opening up so much potential on mobile devices, on-premises, off-premises—anywhere that people want to be able to work. We’ll see a revolution in applications that deal with communication, voice, and new streams of information that were never possible before,” predicts Levie.

With Twilio Two-Factor Authentication, Box has assured the security of its cloud platform and enables users to access their files from multiple devices. It’s ready to take on the next set of collaboration and data sharing communication challenges.

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