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More than ever, consumers are ignoring traditional communication channels like phone and email. Instead, they want to engage via their preferred channel—text messaging.

Local businesses that are available to connect via text messaging are more likely to engage with prospective customers and convert them into happy customers. That’s where Birdeye comes in.

Birdeye helps over 90,000 local businesses of all sizes effortlessly manage their online presence and engage with customers across text and social media to grow sales. With Birdeye, companies can convert positive customer experiences into revenue while focusing on what matters most: their customers.

Helping all businesses connect with their customers

Birdeye understands that success is tied to customer experience. That’s why they continually raise the bar of customer satisfaction by helping businesses acquire and retain more customers through seamless communications and reputation management.

For example, with Birdeye:
– An electrician can trigger a review request via text after completing a job.
– A dentist can request a referral from a happy patient, automatically.
– A realtor can text a quick response to a client’s question while on the go.
– A moving company can request payment via text.

Gone are the days of disjointed and hard-to-manage point solutions. With Birdeye, customer reviews, referrals, messages, web chats, surveys, digital payments, and AI-powered insights are all accessible in one easy-to-use platform that provides the full picture of customer interactions across channels.

“Seamless two-way messaging is table stakes for great customer experiences.”

Naveen Gupta Co-Founder and CEO

Addressing the need for exceptional text communication

Birdeye needed a business texting solution to offer customers the means to text clients one-on-one, send review and referral requests, and send mass text promotions and updates. Additionally, Birdeye needed the capability to enable their customers to text from a local business number.

Ultimately, Birdeye sought to build a streamlined communication channel between customers and their clients, to meet customers the way they wanted to communicate via text messaging. Birdeye needed a simple, streamlined platform that would provide their customers with total functionality for customer satisfaction. Enter Twilio.

“With the Twilio Customer Engagement Platform, we can create the infrastructure we need to support Birdeye’s customers and their clients at scale.”

Anil Panguluri Senior Vice President of Product

Creating the perfect customer text messaging platform

Birdeye turned to Twilio in 2014 to develop a solution to engage customers at every step of their buying journey. The Twilio Customer Engagement Platform provides flexible APIs for any digital channel, plus first-party customer data.

Twilio’s support of Application-to-Person (A2P) type messaging via standard 10-digit long code (10DLC) phone numbers has also been a boon for Birdeye’s customers. It enables businesses in the United States to text from their local area code, enhancing trust among the recipients of the messaging and the likelihood that they’ll click and read the messages.

A2P-enabled 10DLC text messages also have higher delivery rates and a lower risk of filtering by carriers. With text messaging, Birdeye customers can request new reviews, run conversational surveys, resolve tickets, get referrals, make appointments, answer voicemails, and more.

With Twilio as the engine that powers Birdeye text messaging, businesses can engage buyers in a personalized one-on-one conversation from any location and in various channels without going to their inboxes. Users can manage buyer experiences and assign incoming messages internally to ensure the right people address questions or concerns in a timely manner.

“Twilio’s support of A2P 10DLC helped us onboard 120,000 local textable numbers for our customers and meet carrier requirements.”

Anil Panguluri Senior Vice President of Product
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With the Birdeye platform, powered by Twilio, businesses have the ability to:

  • Send review and referral requests via text.
  • Text message pulse surveys that engage buyers and nurture leads via referral request forms.
  • Answer calls without picking up the phone, plus read voicemail transcripts or listen to the audio, then follow up via text.
  • Make landlines textable, allowing businesses to text their customers from the number they’re familiar with to improve response rates.
  • Send personalized mass text campaigns that reach thousands of customers in one go.
  • Respond to messages from Webchat, text, Google Business Profile, Facebook, Instagram, email, and voicemail.

“By incorporating Twilio’s platform into Birdeye Messaging, every text messaging interaction, from reviews to surveys to referrals, is more powerful for customers.”

Naveen Gupta Co-Founder and CEO

Birdeye also uses Twilio’s messaging platform to engage with its own customers and prospects. For example, inbound sales teams at Birdeye use texting as an outreach channel to potential customers, while onboarding teams use text messaging to send reminders.

What’s more, Birdeye’s teams once relied on email to reach their current and potential customers. By using Twilio Text Messaging as their primary communication platform with customers, Birdeye has seen a substantially improved response rate.

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Customer satisfaction speaks for itself

Since Birdeye’s integration with Twilio in 2014, more than 83,000 businesses have acquired SMS capabilities through the Birdeye platform. 6,000 of those businesses use Birdeye messaging on a daily basis with more than 6 million messages sent each month.

“With Birdeye we’re able to do everything in one spot,” said Dr. Albert Teague of Teague Chiropractic Office. “From texting patients for reminders to replying to reviews.”

As of 2021, 49% of Birdeye’s review requests were sent via text with a click-through rate of 32%. Messaging is now a staple in Birdeye’s product solution. It gives businesses simplified one-on-one text communication with their customers, helps them generate more reviews, and bolsters their reputation further than ever before.

“Birdeye has been a big plus for our business,” said Brennan Vasic, director of customer experience at ION Solar. “We found that 95% of our customers prefer a text message over a phone call. It’s very important to our customers to receive updates through a text message, and with Birdeye, we can communicate with our customers using their preferred method.“

Birdeye has always been driven by customer satisfaction, and providing their clients with unparalleled connection with their customers. Powered by Twilio, Birdeye Text Messaging now makes it easy for businesses to connect with their customers any time, anywhere, and on the channel of their choice.

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