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Zingle's multi-channel customer service text and messaging platform equips businesses of all sizes to focus on what they do best--providing an excellent customer service experience--while Zingle empowers them to engage customers through a more personal and intuitive conversational style.

The value of personal customer interactions

For a company like Zingle that serves as the frontline of customer engagement for some of the world’s leading brands, providing real-time quality service is mandatory. Every day, Zingle’s international business customers are interacting with hundreds of thousands of their customers around the world, relying on Zingle to provide them with a consistent, reliable, two-way conversation.

“Our customers are brands who value personal customer interactions,” explains Nathan Jovin, Zingle’s Senior Director of Development. “Zingle is providing a unique ability for businesses to meet customers on their preferred SMS and messaging platforms, delivering a fast, conversational customer service that customers crave.” By delivering high quality, and personalized customer service, Zingle is transforming the way businesses interact with their customers.

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Building reliable, and high quality communications

Zingle’s platform supports multiple channels of messaging, including SMS, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp. This breadth of channels is driven by how customers prefer to communicate. SMS remains by far the most commonly used communication channel, with 66% of customers preferring to communicate with businesses via messaging. Zingle therefore knew that supporting SMS was crucial to building a world class customer service experience.

When building out their business text and messaging service, Zingle knew they needed to leverage a communications technology that could scale rapidly at a moment’s notice to meet the demands of global customers, and this is why Zingle chose Twilio to serve as its telephony partner. Zingle’s customers expect global scalability, which wasn’t something other telephony partners could provide. “With other providers, we regularly were unable to purchase phone numbers, even occasionally in the US. But with the depth and breadth of Twilio’s phone number inventory, we were easily able to scale to keep up with our customer’s needs,” explains Jovin. Twilio has thousands of available phone numbers in the US and internationally, ensuring that Zingle can deliver quality service at the scale their customers need.

Reliable coverage

For a business in the customer service industry, the quality of each interaction matters. “Other providers we used just don’t have the quality we need. We regularly found that when testing the Zingle service, we would receive unsolicited inbound spam calls and inbound messages due to their poor quality controls, or that the numbers would only be available intermittently,” Jovin adds. Zingle’s customers trust that Zingle’s service will enable them to better connect with their customers, and Zingle trusts Twilio to provide the quality telephony to do so.

Zingle’s customers expect its technology to work 24/7, without any hiccups, in order to provide a certain level of service to their end customers. And those expectations extend to their technology partners. After testing a number of providers, Zingle found that only Twilio provided the level of reliability that met their needs. “Before we started using Twilio, our legacy providers were hitting us with some serious quality and deliverability issues, ” explains Jovin. But once Zingle started using Twilio, “our customers’ SMS deliverability failures disappeared,” cementing their expectations that Zingle was the solution of choice to provide a quality customer service experience.

“When your customers include international brands, consistency and quality of service is critical,” says Jovin. “Partnering with Twilio allowed us to focus on delivering superior customer service, giving us the peace of mind that Twilio had the telephony covered, in whatever country we needed.”

“Without a doubt, Twilio provides a level of reliability and scalability that is beyond the other providers in the market.”

Nathan Jovin Senior Director Development

Innovating at the speed of their customers

Zingle’s platform is also flexible enough to serve many different customer’s needs across a wide variety of industries. From private jet charter services to high-end grocery stores and global hospitality chains, Zingle’s customers rely on the platform to have real-time conversations with their own customers on any device. As customer preferences and business needs change, Twilio’s telephony capabilities allow Zingle to provide the communication channel to meet their customers’ every need.

For example, Zingle integrates with hotel property management and CRM systems to allow global hospitality customers to send personalized messages to their guests. Hotel guests can register their mobile phone number with the hotel system and get personalized data about their reservation, such as check-in information, welcome messages, and checkout reminders. Zingle provides multiple ways for businesses and their customers to communicate within a single platform built with Twilio.

Zingle is constantly innovating new ways to help customers connect with their end customers, and in addition to supporting SMS and messaging applications, Zingle also lets customers make a voice call or use an IVR to quickly confirm an order or reservation, saving them time and providing more real-time updates to their end customers. With Twilio, adding new communication channels to support the evolving needs of their customers is something Zingle can do quickly and at scale.

Rapid growth rates

By providing instant, reliable customer service text and messaging, Zingle has enabled businesses to remain modern and relevant to their customer base. To date, Zingle has experienced nearly 250% year over year growth.

An important part of Zingle’s value proposition is that it supports businesses around the globe, in whatever language their customers prefer. Twilio has been able to seamlessly support Zingle in its rollout of supporting its international SMS messaging. “Twilio’s international support has been huge for our hospitality brands that have a global presence,” adds Jovin.

Today, Zingle’s customers send several million SMS messages per month, of which approximately 200,000 are international. The number of SMS messages sent has doubled every quarter, driven by new customer growth as well as increased engagement among existing customers who find new uses for Zingle’s platform. “This really showed us that our customers’ customers were engaging through text and messaging,” adds Jovin. “And that Zingle is their trusted customer service partner.”

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