TooJay's realizes delicious rewards with Twilio SendGrid's Implementation Services

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TooJay’s Deli • Bakery • Restaurant is a delicatessen, sandwich shop, and bakery that was founded in Palm Beach, Florida, in 1981. With old school flare, TooJay’s now serves customers at almost 30 locations and it relies on technology to provide an efficient, enjoyable experience for diners and employees alike.

Stephanie Skora is the Marketing Manager at TooJay’s. A multi-hat marketer, Stephanie runs all guest communications, including the operation and strategy for their Delicious Rewards loyalty program and all of its email components.

“We started our loyalty program to stay top of mind when our customers are considering where to eat. Email is a critical channel to drive awareness of new menu items, product news, and special promotions to keep our customers engaged.”

Skora_headshot Stephanie Skora Marketing Manager


Since TooJay’s loyalty platform provider Punchh already used Twilio SendGrid, it made sense for TooJay’s to migrate its other promotional email. That meant bringing product and store news to Marketing Campaigns to manage all email communication under one roof.

Previously, TooJay’s used a managed email service for sending promotional email. And even with her previous experience managing email, Stephanie wanted to refresh her knowledge in the ever-changing email landscape, including:

  • Compliance with internet service providers (ISPs) and anti-spam laws
  • The Twilio SendGrid system
  • Email ending best practices for the restaurant industry
TooJays Product Image


To get their email program started on the right foot and optimize their sending practices, TooJay’s signed up for Implementation and Strategy Services.

These engagements provided Stephanie and her team with:

  • Implementation guidance for email authentication and IP configuration to streamline TooJay’s architecture for deliverability
  • A point-of-contact for questions with extensive email expertise and deep understanding of their business
  • Delivery expertise and email best practices with SendGrid’s consultants


According to Stephanie, “From the get-go, everything was very well organized and thorough, with detailed recaps and next steps after calls to make sure our time was well spent. Twilio SendGrid’s team was instrumental for us and understood what we were working with and what we wanted to accomplish with our loyalty program.”

With the help of the Implementation Services team, TooJay’s launched their Delicious Rewards program without a hitch. TooJay’s healthy email program now sees:

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Bottom Line

Twilio SendGrid is a perfect fit for TooJay’s email program because of its:

  • Expertise: With over 95 years combined experience with email, a team of experts are available to help email programs succeed
  • Guidance: Dedicated experts and extensive resources on the Twilio SendGrid empowers senders
  • All-in-one platform: Twilio SendGrid’s proven APIs and Marketing Campaigns deliver for the whole team

“I want to make sure that we’re efficiently utilizing all of the tools available to us – that we are being smart marketers in understanding and targeting our guests. If you don’t have an experienced email marketer on your team, Twilio SendGrid’s Implementation and Strategy is invaluable for efficiently and effectively driving the success of your email program.”

Skora_headshot Stephanie Skora Marketing Manager

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