The Contingent Stands up Twilio Flex in 10 Business Days With Terazo

Screen dollar increase

10 days to


User group network

30% increase

in agent efficiency


The Contingent approached Twilio in search of a scalable contact center solution for their client operations. For their implementation, they opted for the Terazo Kickstarter Package.


The Contingent chose the Flex application with a selection of Terazo’s boiled down best practice features for a well-built and fast delivery of a state-of-the art customer operations solution.

The Contingent is a venture nonprofit that empowers leaders and mobilizes community to tackle society’s most challenging issues. Using innovative technology, research, and community building, The Contingent supports children and families experiencing foster care throughout the nation. The Contingent empowers a new generation of diverse leaders through education, mentorship and providing access to opportunities with leading companies.

Through their nonprofit outlook, The Contingent has a different approach and set of use cases than some of the for-profit users of Twilio, showcasing once more the flexibility that gives the Flex product range its deserved name: The Contingent’s communication partners, leaders and the community, were previously experiencing long call lines and poor call quality. Agents of The Contingent were unable to provide quality services for all incoming calls, leading to caller frustration. As The Contingent began scaling their work across the country, they knew the need for scalable technology with their omnichannel engagement.

“Working with Terazo & Twilio was a breath of fresh air. The team’s commitment and expertise made it very easy. In the end, it was no surprise that they managed to deliver the whole implementation in just two weeks. ”

Kaitlyn Jolley CX Director, The Contingent

The Contingent was drawn by Twilio's reputation for providing robust and flexible communication solutions, Twilio's commitment to enabling seamless and reliable communication experiences. The Contingent now uses Twilio's products and services to build and manage their communication infrastructure for the voice channel. When challenges or questions arise in the implementation or use of these services, customers seek support from Twilio's knowledgeable team.

The Contingent appreciates Twilio for its developer-friendly approach, offering a range of APIs and tools that empower businesses to create custom communication solutions tailored to their unique needs. As a result, The Contingent came to rely on Twilio support to leverage the expertise of the company's technical staff, through Terazo. As The Contingent was troubleshooting technical issues, seeking best practices for implementation, and looking to optimize their communication workflows, the Terazo team guided them through the process.

The dynamic nature of the technology landscape, coupled with the evolving needs of organizations, necessitates ongoing support and guidance. Twilio's commitment to customer success extends beyond issue resolution to proactive assistance, ensuring that The Contingent will stay abreast of the latest features, updates, and industry best practices. The company's support services act as a valuable resource for The Contingent’s served leaders and communities, offering a responsive and collaborative environment where all can navigate challenges, gain insights, and maximize the value of their Twilio investment.

“We just got started with Twilio Flex, but we are already seeing huge benefits. The quick project-turnaround with Twilio’s implementation partner Terazo made the choice for Flex an easy one, also from the point of ROI.”

Kaitlyn Jolley CX Director, The Contingent

Twilio's cloud-based communication solutions already leads to efficiency gains of up to 30% compared to The Contingent’s legacy communication systems. The Contingent is also benefiting from the scalability of Twilio's services, paying for the resources they use rather than investing in and maintaining extensive infrastructure. Twilio's APIs and programmable communication tools allow The Contingent to automate and streamline various communication processes in the future. The Contingent can achieve greater operational efficiency, freeing up resources for more strategic initiatives and serving their contact center in a more reliable fashion.

With its Kickstarter initiative, Terazo has enabled The Contingent to be up and running with Twilio Flex in two weeks. The speedy, yet well executed delivery is enabled by Terazo’s high expertise in the implementation of customer communication projects, and the best practices collected over many customer projects, as well as Twilio Flex. The Contingent is off to a great start.

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