QuoteWizard replaced years of legacy hardware investment in hours with Twilio Voice

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Connecting insurance leads with speed and efficiency

QuoteWizard lets consumers shop for insurance policies with speed and efficiency. Visitors describe the policy they require, and within seconds, several trusted insurance agents in their area provide competing quotes. The consumer selects the best policy and connects to the agent on the phone in real time to complete the purchase. When QuoteWizard successfully connects a buyer to an agent, they get paid for the lead. Reliability of the phone infrastructure is mission critical for their revenue stream.

Then QuoteWizard got the notification every company fears — their legacy telephone service provider had an outage, bringing down IVR services that power QuoteWizard. Twenty-four hours later, the outage still wasn’t resolved. QuoteWizard’s telephony services were still down, and the team was twenty-four hours worse for the wear.

Instead of sinking more cycles into working around the service provider outage they couldn’t control, the team decided to re-deploy using Twilio’s Voice API and integrated IVR capabilities. A short four hours later, they built, tested, and deployed a working replacement for their existing provider. All the while their existing service provider’s outage continued.

The team deployed their newly-baked Twilio solution in place of the old processes and hasn’t looked back since. They used ColdFusion for leveraging the Twilio API and have integrated it into their web interfaces to provide phone based enhancements to business procedures. The new solution dramatically reduced downtime, scales smoothly as their volume increases, and immediately saves them over $3,000 a month.

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