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Qunomedical is a medical treatment marketplace, connecting patients to doctors for in-person treatments, regardless of location. It provides patients access to high-quality healthcare from over 1000 doctors, both at home and abroad, facilitating over 10,000 procedures each month.

Being highly distributed, great communication is essential. Unfortunately, Qunomedical’s previous system didn’t cater to their exact needs, a story that’s familiar to many companies. They rely on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and voice calls to communicate with their customers yet their systems didn’t talk to each other meaning they couldn’t centralize data about customers. Their VoIP system was brittle and undocumented meaning they couldn’t update features or call plans.

WhatsApp is incredibly important in Europe for cross country communication and they had resorted to using multiple phone numbers and the web interface as a workaround, which resulted in very poor documentation of the customer conversation because their system didn’t have a simple way to document the results of a call. Facebook Messenger conversations were processed centrally in the organization’s Facebook account that was accessed through account sharing, again with poor documentation about the conversation.

Lastly, the sales team didn’t have a clear process of how to distribute leads among its sales force, nor was it data-driven in prioritizing which leads to call next.

Despite these challenges, Qunomedical had a 94% satisfaction score. To make sure they maintained this customer trust, they needed to innovate on their customer engagement platform but they didn’t have all the resources in-house to deliver exactly what they needed.

Mobile image of Qunomedical platform
Mobile image of Qunomedical platform

c20y to the rescue

Twilio Gold Partner, Berlin-based c20y stepped in to help Qunomedical transform their customer engagement. To do this, they deployed one of their most powerful tools, Twilio Flex as the single pane of glass to power the agent experience.

With all channels that Qunomedical uses to run their business seamlessly integrated into the Flex interface, customer-facing teams across departments operate from a single cloud-based contact center. Not only that, all the interactions are automatically recorded and saved to Salesforce, solving prior problems of lost interactions and customer context.

Twilio Flex also significantly improved security by managing the integration and authentication for Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. When users are removed from the Flex SSO, they can no longer access customer communication.

Since routing to the best agent for the customer’s situation always drives the best customer experience, c20y used sophisticated task routing to consider all the data points available from the Salesforce CRM to connect the customer to the best agent for their needs. The agent is able to service the customer better because all the information they need is pre-populated onto the customized agent desktop.

With their prior system, Qunomedical lacked customer notifications, opening hours, outbound caller ID selection, voicemail, call logging, and task creation for all channels in Salesforce. c20y was able to deliver all of this value by building with Twilio Flex.

Significant uplift in outbound productivity

The secret sauce for outbound sales at Qunomedical has been the custom dialing and task automation c20y built into Twilio Flex and Salesforce. The software c20y build uses an algorithm to automatically prioritize leads based on time since the inquiry, marketing triggers, and Salesforce data. It distributes the leads to Sales, automatically assigning them in Salesforce before initiating an outbound dial to the prospect in Twilio Flex. The custom agent interface optimizes call productivity and records the notes and tasks to Salesforce.

All of these changes for Qunomedical sales operations have enabled the team to increase their inbound funnel significantly, by reducing time to first contact (we’ve seen this be very successful over the years here at Twilio), as well as increasing the number of quotes and closed-won customers.

It’s not just the sales team that is reaping the benefits of Twilio Flex. Customers get the information they need faster as they’re routed more efficiently, and agents save time thanks to the automation and simplified workflows.

From an organizational perspective, the automation of interaction documentation has significantly increased the quality and transparency now everything is in Salesforce.

What’s next?

Not content to rest on their laurels, Qunomedical is ready to start testing new channels such as video to try to increase their funnel and drive up customer satisfaction.

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