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Papaya Gaming, an Israeli revolutionary gaming app business created in 2019 with over 21 million downloads worldwide, has changed the casual mobile gaming business by introducing real-money rewards to present their players with a unique and engaging experience.

These mobile games are designed to be challenging while also being simple to learn and play. There are four games available: Solitaire Cash, Bubble Cash, Bingo Cash, and 21 Cash. Most are consistently ranked in the top five games in their respective categories on the App Store.

The online gaming business is predicted to grow at a rate of 10.7% per year, with a market value of $450.8 billion by 2029. The COVID pandemic accelerated this expansion, as gamers sought new activities to engage in while socially isolating.

This surge in players during the pandemic meant also an increase in fraud overall in the digital space. More security considerations were required for Papaya Gaming since they wanted to keep their platform and their players accounts safe.

Don’t play around with user security

Papaya Gaming’s success is not only due to their revolutionary games but also to the player experience and security they bring to their players. They always pay on time and take security very seriously. Within this security mindset, Papaya Gaming must verify that a user is who they say they are and are trustworthy in order to avoid fraud and safeguard users account and money rewards from being transferred to another account.

They believe that password-based authentication is insecure and rely instead on SMS one-time passcode verification to add an extra layer of security while being accessible for their users. They intended to adopt it for registration and login since it has many advantages over password-based authentication: Less friction for the user, improved security, and, most crucially, much easier to create than a password-based procedure, which would require extra account recovery flows.

At first, Papaya Gaming worked with a small SMS vendor, but due to low delivery rates and limited coverage for their global players, they needed to upgrade. For a gaming company like Papaya Gaming, global coverage, innovation, stability, scalability, and safety are top considerations, and there is no room for underperformance. As a result, Papaya Gaming made the rapid decision to switch to Twilio Verify for SMS one-time passcode verification.

“[User] trust is the most important thing for us since developing it is difficult, and losing trust is extremely easy. We consider trust in every experience we offer, which includes collaborating with a huge provider like Twilio.”

Andrey Birman CTO

All in with Twilio Verify: One day implementation to enable 97% conversion!

Papaya Gaming immediately found what they needed: global coverage and high delivery rates. Papaya Gaming was also reassured by the fact that Twilio Verify remains current and compliant with global regulations such as Alphanumeric Sender ID requirements, allowing them to provide their users with a consistent and reliable service and user experience.

Twilio Verify was straightforward to implement and they were able to implement it with in-house engineers. Installation took less than a couple of hours per game to be live for their users within one day.  Thanks to Twilio Verify conversion rates are around 97% for account registration for Papaya Gaming games with more than 600,000 messages sent per month. 

More for the future

Papaya Gaming has a bright future. They plan to release two more games in 2023, as well as many new features to improve their user experience with a focus on maintaining player trust.  

“In general, I believe Twilio's key success factor is the simplicity and self-service nature of all of its products.”

Andrey Birman CTO

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