Havenly delivers inspirational content to engage and convert subscribers

As an interior design-focused business, Havenly often serves as a source of design inspiration for customers and prospects. Val and Erika realized that their email program could do the same, but there wasn’t an existing campaign that quite fit the bill. They seized the opportunity to serve their subscribers blog content in a fresh, fun email newsletter—Hideaway. 

Val and Erika created Hideaway with a focus on email best practices and accessibility (goodbye image-based emails!), took full advantage of Twilio SendGrid’s template editor for on-the-fly edits, and created a space for prospects and customers to engage with the brand in a new way.

Aspirational and inspirational content took center stage and the results showed.

Their customers liked this new addition to their inbox—the Havenly Team saw a decrease in their unsubscribe rate, an increase in their click-through rate, and their open rate remained steady.

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