Digital Trends uses Twilio SendGrid to re-launch their newsletter program


Digital Trends is a news and lifestyle website that publishes news, reviews, guides, how-to articles, videos, and podcasts about technology and consumer electronics products. Founded in 2006, Digital Trends boasts an audience of over 24 million unique users every month and offices worldwide.

Brad Read is a Marketing Manager at Digital Trends, and responsible for revamping and curating their email newsletter program.

“Email is one arm of the ongoing effort to drive more traffic to our website. We have a consistent amount of traffic from our email channel, and we’re always looking for ways to optimize our promotion strategy, grow our subscriber base, and increase clicks.”

DigitalTrends-Brad Headshot Brad Read Marketing Manager


Digital Trends originally used a robust automation platform packed with features. Facing a substantial price increase, Brad and his team sought a new email service provider (ESP) to power their email newsletters.

Additionally, Brad wanted to shift their sending strategy from automated newsletters to manually curated newsletters. “We want to have a more human touch in story curation, headline writing, and photo decisions,” says Brad.

“We also wanted our new system to be more flexible so we could react to news and events in a timely fashion.”


After evaluating several ESPs, Twilio SendGrid stood out to Brad and his team for its:

  • Developer-friendliness

“Our dev team really loved Twilio SendGrid’s documentation. It was very thorough, and the platform’s capabilities were really solid.”

  • Reliability

“As a sender, it’s nice knowing our email is going to be sent.”

  • Quick start

“With the documentation, we were able to easily integrate email with WordPress so I can build and send emails quickly based on content from our website.”

Additionally, Brad and his team decided to leverage an Implementation Services team to get started on the right foot. “With the Implementation team’s help, we could make sure we were set up to succeed and taking advantage of as much of their email knowledge as possible,” says Brad.



With Implementation Services, Brad and his team were able to quickly start sending with Twilio SendGrid. “Implementation provided a sense of confidence that if we had any issues, we would have an expert resource for best practices,” says Brad. “In one conversation with the Twilio SendGrid delivery team, we learned more valuable information about email than our entire time with our previous email provider.”

With email expertise, Digital Trends was ramped up and completely out of their previous provider by the date they needed from a contractual standpoint.

Bottom Line

Twilio SendGrid is a perfect fit for Digital Trends because of its:

  • Developer-centricity: APIs and comprehensive documentation help developers get up and running quickly
  • Email Expertise: Twilio SendGrid has a team of deliverability experts with over 110 years of combined experience
  • Reliability: Brad and his team can trust their deliverability and scale to Twilio SendGrid

“I would definitely recommend Twilio SendGrid. I enjoy the tools and the Implementation Services team has ensured that we launch our new program without a hitch with every question or issue being met with quickness and expertise.”

DigitalTrends-Brad Headshot Brad Read Marketing Manager

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