“Call Less, Talk More,” is Made Possible with contactSPACE’s Cloud-based Contact centre Software Solution and Twilio’s APIs

Customer service agent

2 days

to deploy contact center

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25% increase

in talk time with less calls

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calls made overall

Making the right call, at the right time is always a challenge for anyone in the business world, but not for contactSPACE. Dave O’Leary, founder and CEO has successfully discovered a way to enable many companies to make outbound calls efficiently without annoying potential customers. contactSPACE was born out of a mission Dave set out on, 15 years ago to fix many contact centre issues. In 2015, he was able to create a contact centre software solution that needed zero tech people to build and implement. Using their contact strategies – a combination of their own data and data they’re able to capture from their customers, their cloud-based software solution supports a large and wide variety of verticals, with a strong footprint in non-profit organisations.

contactSPACE was born inside AWS (Amazon Web Services) and is based in Australia. However when they landed a customer that was based in New York, their home grown voice stack/API would not be able to effectively or properly support without investing in expensive additional infrastructure. In order to provide the same high-quality service that they offer to their Australian customers, contactSPACE looked to Twilio for Elastic SIP Trunking, a global PSTN (public switch telephone network) connectivity for voice-over-IP solution. Twilio’s Elastic SIP Trunking is deployable in more than 100 countries and can have a contact centre set up within minutes. In less than one hour contactSPACE was able to set up their New York-based customer with zero quality issues.

“With Twilio Elastic SIP Trunking, we couldn’t believe how quickly we were able to get up and running and it was amazing how it just turned on and worked, said O’Leary. This has opened up a whole new world of opportunities for contactSPACE because now deploying in different countries would be that easy.”

Dave O’leary Founder and CEO, contactSPACE

As a result, contactSPACE has been able to expand its contact centre software solution to other countries including the UK, Germany, other parts of Europe and Asia. Leveraging Twilio’s solutions has saved contactSPACE both time and money in terms of deployment. Months and millions to be exact – and because of Twilio, the company has been able to help get organisations up and running with the touch of a button.

Twilio solutions take contactSPACE to the next level

In addition to providing companies with software that enables efficient outbound communications, contactSPACE offers organisations a plugin for Twilio Flex that enables them to build end-to-end contact centres with their 4flex.io product offering. Twilio Flex is a programmable contact centre solution that allows companies like contactSPACE to provide their customers with a software plugin that helps Flex customers make efficient, compliant, outbound contact. By repurposing its IP as a plug-in for Flex, contactSPACE is able to help its customers easily and quickly deploy an outbound-enabled contact centre solution that ultimately leads them to make “the right calls at the right time.” Additionally, integrating Twilio’s APIs into contactSPACE’s software gives their customers a technology that is proven across hundreds of companies and thousands of users. By partnering with Twilio, contactSPACE was able to deploy a contact centre in Germany in just 2 days.

Early on, contactSPACE’s contact strategies had proven to be successful when they moved to their progressive dialer and saw that they were able to reduce the number of attempted calls from forty to three, per contact, per month. When applied to a contact centre supporting a non-profit organisation for example, contactSPACE saw those contact centres increase their overall calls per hour because they were able to make the right call, at the right time. Once Twilio’s SIP Trunking and Twilio Flex solutions were integrated into contactSPACE’s business strategy, the possibilities then became limitless and the company was able to truly take their business to the next level.

Another opportunity that opened up was when contactSPACE saw that the average talk time went from 42 seconds to above one minute – a 25% increase, all while simultaneously making less calls (the global pandemic helped contribute to this increase as the lockdown made people want to talk more). In addition, contactSPACE conducted a comparison across 50 million calls and looked at varying details and found that those non-profit organisations also saw an increase in folks donating to those in need.

Better calls, better outcomes, is the result of contactSPACE partnering with Twilio.

“We believe that the way in which Twilio works, is the future,” continued O’Leary. “What gives us confidence is our customers don’t raise tech issues around call quality. The company measures its VoIP call quality with a MOSS (mean opinion) score from a 1.0-5.0 rating and Twilio’s score was 4.49 which is near perfect as far as we’re concerned.”

Dave O’leary Founder and CEO, contactSPACE

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