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Marketers are experts at trusting their instincts. Through education and practice, they build an arsenal of skills to connect with their audiences and tell brand stories. But even seasoned marketers can enjoy further success with the right data in their hand. Whether this data reveals new insights or simply confirms your brilliance, it never hurts to have another tool to add to your arsenal.

CallTrackingMetrics’ mission is to help marketers and sales professionals trust more than just their instincts. Though it started as a call tracking company, CallTrackingMetrics has grown into a robust marketing attribution organization that helps marketing and sales teams get more leads, more revenue, and more information. This, in turn, helps these teams pinpoint where their high-quality leads are coming from, what materials and campaigns are driving these leads, and how to capitalize on that success. CallTrackingMetrics provides a suite of tools for marketing and sales teams including real-time dashboards, interactive activity logs, and performance metrics.

Since its inception, CallTrackingMetrics has built its platform on Twilio’s APIs for Voice and Messaging.

“There wasn’t much life before Twilio—it was a dark time,” Todd Fisher, Co-Founder of CallTrackingMetrics, joked. But as both Twilio and CallTrackingMetrics have evolved, “we’ve developed a unique partnership that’s stood the test of time,” he said.

The dynamic duo

Built on Twilio’s Voice APIs, CallTrackingMetrics enables their customers to analyze call recordings and transcriptions to uncover otherwise overlooked insights about audience preferences and behavior. CallTrackingMetrics’ customers level up this conversation data to gain an edge over competitors and guide their marketing campaigns.

CallTrackingMetrics utilizes Twilio’s Messaging APIs to include text messaging in their platform, as well. This is a key differentiator for CallTrackingMetrics, as it is one of the few services to track all text communication in conjunction with voice calls—and Twilio is the behind-the-scenes platform that makes it all possible.

New regulations, new obstacles

In 2020, there were 48.9 billion robocalls in the U.S., leading to an erosion of trust in the U.S. telephone system and a decline in call answer rates from unidentified phone numbers. No one enjoys receiving annoying and potentially dangerous fraudulent calls. But when people don’t answer any unrecognized number, they may also miss important communications, like appointment reminders or business connections.

As a response, the Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions (ATIS) created a specification called SHAKEN/STIR, which gives companies digital signatures to verify their identity and protect civilians against fraudulent calls. These “digital signatures” usually include the caller’s identity, and whether the caller has the right to use the phone number they provided as the caller ID.

Registering with SHAKEN/STIR is important for businesses to meet regulatory requirements and instill trust in their customers. Implementation of SHAKEN/STIR aims to reduce the effectiveness of illegal spoofing and allow consumers and law enforcement to identify bad actors more efficiently. However, the process of registering for SHAKEN/STIR is a confusing one, and many businesses are unsure of how to complete it on their own. Using Twilio’s TrustHub, CallTrackingMetrics is providing their customers with a more straightforward way to register.

“Twilio Trust Hub REST APIs effectively provide the user interface (UI) for customers to register and become compliant,” explains Fisher. Trust Hub enables customers to create a verified identity with Twilio, which can be used to access multiple trust-based communication services, such as A2P 10DLC, SHAKEN/STIR and CNAM.

CallTrackingMetrics customers continue to register on Trust Hub and look to Twilio and other industry leaders as an authority in the regulatory process.

What the future holds

Though educating customers on these new regulations is certainly a challenge, Fisher asserts that these requirements are a good thing for the industry. Reducing fraudulent calls will begin to increase consumer trust in telecommunications, which leads to more opportunity for businesses to create authentic one-on-one connections with their customers.

In the future, CallTrackingMetrics looks forward to how Twilio APIs can assist in increasing transparency to pave the way for less frustration and more connection.

Fisher is looking to what’s next. “The prospect of more information and improving engagements where it’s meaningful, that’s exciting,” he said. “If TrustHub could become a solution for that by increasing the positive engagements and reducing the negative engagements, we can make a better world this way.”

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