Startup Bonusly fosters positive habits of giving recognition with email

Bonusly is a peer-to-peer recognition platform helping companies celebrate every day successes by facilitating micro-bonuses and rewards. It provided unprecedented insights into the strengths, relationships, and accomplishments of every team member. Founded in 2012, Bonusly now serves thousands of companies in the US and is elevating work culture at companies like ZipRecruiter, Oracle, Hulu, Chobani, and InVision.

At Bonusly, email is critical to helping employees’ foster positive habits when it comes to giving recognition. As a bootstrapped startup, Bonusly relied on cloud services for functions like email that were outside of their core value proposition. With easy-to-integrate APIs and digestible analytics dashboards, Twilio SendGrid offered a smart, customizable email solution that allows the Bonusly team to focus on their product.

“My favorite thing about Twilio SendGrid is its reliability. I don't often think about it because I know all of our emails going out and it's just taken care of. Email is a problem that’s been solved with Twilio SendGrid.”

Raphael Crawford-Marks headshot Raphael Crawford-Marks Co-Founder & CEO

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