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IS goes places with Phone Verification from Twilio

Cross-platform location-based IS app uses Twilio verification for trust and privacy, so friends and family can easily meet up and keep up, no matter where they are or what they’re doing.

The Results
decrease in support tickets since Twilio Integration
Average hours active users share their location
Average battery usage over a 24-hour period

When innovative tech company InSite Applications developed their location-based cross-platform product IS, user privacy and security were the number one concern. Having tried other verification solutions that required multiple steps and did not scale for international market expansion, they turned to Twilio to integrate frictionless, one-click phone verification into their platform.

Keep up and meet up: IS is born

IS was born from a conversation between friends, asking “Where are you, and what are you doing?” Founder and CEO Diesel Peltz knew there had to be a way to leverage location technology to create a simple, efficient product for users wanting to keep up with each other. Now with the press of a button, IS lets users easily and securely share their real-time location with a close group of friends and family.

In developing IS, the team knew that maintaining user privacy and giving users full control of who they share with, and when, would need to be the cornerstone of the application. So they partnered with Twilio to ensure secure phone verification into their product.

“When we developed IS, we were focused on bringing a seamless and intuitive solution to our users who wanted to have more context about where their friends are and what they are doing,” said Peltz. “Your live location is one of the most personal pieces of information, so ensuring that it is shared securely is critical to building trust with our community.”

Finding Twilio

As the development team built out and beta tested the app, they also explored other phone verification options. “Ensuring user identity and safety needed to be a simple step, so our users could be instantly verified and secure,” said Gabriel Rinaldi, CTO of IS.

They tried other providers, but quickly realized that a multi-step process requiring additional numbers for markets outside the U.S. would not work for their international users. They landed on Twilio, Rinaldi noted, because “Twilio allowed us to customize the verification message and instead of having to create a different number for each market we wanted to go into, all country verification number switching is handled by Twilio.”

The less complexity we have to manage, the faster we can move. Twilio enables us to move quicker and focus on building the best experience for our users.

Diesel Peltz, Founder and CEO, IS app

Prior to using Twilio, “We had to create a new phone number for each market, and then write code to support it,” explained Rinaldi. “But with Twilio we don’t have to worry about phone number switching, it is handled for us.”

A new roadmap

“Working with Twilio helped accelerate our roadmap,” said Peltz. “Implementing it was fast, and with reduced complexity and less code to maintain, we were able to get the product into our user’s hands sooner.”

Rinaldi added that for the engineering team, “it was straightforward and mostly out of the box. We worked directly with the Account Security team at Twilio where we needed to. All in all, the API was easy to use and integration took less than two days, including testing.”

What’s next for IS

While the team at IS continues to perfect their location technology, one thing they don’t have to worry about is verification. “Twilio helped us solve international phone verification with a simple and elegant product. We’re excited to see what new Account Security features Twilio rolls out for future integrations.”