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Sensoneo makes cities cleaner with Twilio Narrowband IoT

Sensoneo is quickly expanding their smart waste management business with the ease and reliability of Twilio Narrowband IoT connectivity.

The Results
(nearly) reliability of service
faster rollout of sensors
increase in operational efficiency

According to the World Bank, the world creates 2.12 billion tons of waste a year.

That’s why Sensoneo, a Slovakia-based global company, is on a mission to redefine waste management for Smart Cities across 35 countries.

Their Smart Waste Monitoring solution includes two types of ultrasonic sensors that monitor the level of any type of waste in bins of various types and sizes–in real-time.

This data is instantly sent to Sensoneo’s software to advise on current fill-levels, optimize waste collection routes and capacity of waste bins, eliminate unnecessary waste collection trips, and promote the separation of recyclables by residents. Making cities–greener, cleaner and free of litter.

Powered by Twilio Narrowband IoT

In North America, Sensoneo uses Twilio’s Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) solution that combines NB-IoT SIMs, an API platform, Software Development Kits (SDK), and a management console, to connect and manage its smart sensor technology.

Sensoneo selected Twilio NB-IoT for its network reliability, coverage, and the ease of managing their connectivity. With Twilio’s intuitive console, they are able to order new SIMs, mass activate hundreds of SIMs,and suspend SIMs with just a few clicks. Twilio also provides limitless messaging and data, ensuring that the network can scale with Sensoneo’s growing business.

Twilio NB-IoT was a clear choice for us. They provided us with a superior network and a flexible portal with very useful features such as the ability to manage SIMs and check sensor behavior. Ordering and receiving SIMs is fast and easy and helps us quickly roll-out new sensors. Twilio is an ideal IoT network provider for IoT solutions looking for easy and quick scaling

Martin Basila, Founder and CEO

A partner for growth

Because of its lower throughput and minimal power consumption, Twilio’s NB-IoT cellular network is ideal for devices like Sensoneo’s sensors, which only need to transmit small packets of data and conserve power for extended periods of time.

Already live in cities across Colorado, Ohio, and California, Sensoneo is standardizing on Twilio NB-IoT across the United States and striving to make many more cities cleaner in the coming years.