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Rently hits 10 million renter self-tours with Twilio IoT

Millions of renters use Rently to view properties on-demand. Twilio’s IoT SIMs connect rental properties to make it happen.

The Results
increase in renter self-tours
increase in operators
faster activations

Every year 50 percent of all rental properties go back on the market. That leads to millions of renters trying to view properties they might want to rent. Coordinating those viewings, though, can lead to headaches for renters and property managers alike.

Rently eases the pain of coordinating rental property viewings for renters and property managers with a self-touring solution that gives renters instant access to view a property. With Twilio’s IoT cellular connectivity platform, Rently can manage a vast network of smart locks and automate activations, to major success.

Creating an on-demand rental experience

Rently’s platform frees renters from having to retrieve and return keys or wait for a time when an agent is available.

Prospective renters schedule showings online and are vetted using security checks like credit card verification, selfies, and artificial intelligence. Once at the property they wish to tour, renters receive a unique one-time access code for Rently’s smart locks to gain entrance.

Property managers can extend their property showing times to 24×7 without requiring more staffing—all of which means more traffic to properties, better leads, happier prospective renters, and less time properties sit empty.

Twilio SIMs power smart homes

Rently sets up smart hubs inside rental properties. Most vacant properties do not have Wi-Fi available, so Rently uses Twilio’s global cellular connectivity platform to power their smart hubs.

The hubs are wirelessly connected to the internet using Twilio SIMs and control the smart locks used to access the home, along with many other gadgets like lights, thermostats, and motion detectors.

With reliable cellular connectivity from Twilio, Rently turns any rental home into a smart home, increasing its appeal amongst renters and giving property managers more flexibility to book viewings.

Fueling massive growth in renter tours

Rently’s VP of Operations Andre Sanchez credits Twilio and its powerful APIs as a major part of the company’s growth and success.

“Twilio’s APIs power the automation that has been critical to our success,” he said.

Since partnering with Twilio, Rently has more than tripled the number of renter property viewings, to more than 10 million. They have helped lease more than 750,000 properties and now work with 2,500 property managers around the country.

As Rently’s business has dramatically grown, the need for rapid deployment has become vital to its success. As Rently began rolling out hundreds and even thousands of units at a time, speed and automation have become essential.

Partnering with Twilio, Rently has leveraged a wide range of APIs to speed their provisioning process 10X from when they started.

We can now provision the largest enterprise customers 10 times faster than before. Our growth would not be possible without Twilio.

Rently VP of Operations Andre Sanchez