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Mobile Commons gets the word out with Twilio

Mobile Commons marketing campaigns scale to thousands of calls in no time using Twilio.

On-demand mobile marketing

Mobile Commons provides a web-based platform enabling companies to build interactive mobile marketing campaigns that can be set up in minutes. To connect with the broadest base of mobile users available these campaigns combine web communications technology with telecommunications, such as text messages and voice calls. Mobile Commons also provides powerful analytics for measuring response rates, lead generation, and the overall effectiveness of mobile campaigns.

“Mobile Commons makes each call a measurable event,” says Stein. “With with the compatibility gaps growing between mobile operating systems, the universal compatibility of text messaging and voice calls allows our customers to reach the widest group of mobile users in engaging and interactive ways. But we needed to handle the call volume in concert with our text messaging in a way that was scalable, reliable, and cost effective.”

In order to power outreach and promotions reaching hundreds of thousands of participants, Mobile Commons has to scale communications quickly and easily.

The option to build out the infrastructure to support their call volume “wasn’t even a possibility,” according to Stein. “We have a very technical team in web communications and messaging, but we didn’t want to have to invest time and energy in the telecom details.”

Mobile Commons turned to Twilio to achieve the scale needed to support their large call volumes, frequently going from zero to thousands of calls in minutes. “One of our first campaigns scaled from 0 to 10,000 calls in 5 minutes,” explains Stein. “With Twilio, we have no monthly fee, and can ramp call volume on the fly, easily handling the load from our high-conversion rate text-to-call campaigns.”

With Twilio, we have no monthly fee, and can ramp call volume on the fly, easily handling the load from our high-conversion rate text-to-call campaigns.

Benjamin Stein, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, Mobile Commons

Today’s mobile marketing campaigns revolve around real-time communications, and the Mobile Commons platform can dynamically adjust campaigns by tapping directly into Twilio APIs or using TwiML, Twilio’s simple markup XML.

All in all, Mobile Commons has been able to improve conversion rates, boost engagement, and reach the biggest base of mobile users through text-to-call features that tap right in to Twilio’s powerful cloud communications.
“With Twilio scaling the infrastructure, we can focus on advanced capabilities like automatically matching political districts to route to the appropriate representative,” continues Stein.


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