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Logistimatics gains an edge in asset management

Logistimatics wins more customers with Twilio’s unified platform for cellular IoT connectivity, voice, SMS and email.

The Results
GPS locations monitored daily
new trackers sold every week
SMS and email alerts per day

For companies with assets on the move, asset and shipment tracking enabled by IoT (Internet of Things) is rapidly becoming instrumental to the bottom line. In fact, an estimated 1.9 trillion dollars of economic value can be created with IoT-enabled asset tracking in the global supply chain and logistics sector alone, according to a recent study by Business Insider.

Reliable GPS tracking for every use case

Logistimatics is well aware of just how critical tracking is. The North Carolina-based company offers a full range of GPS trackers to monitor all kinds of high-value property in real-time—from warehouse inventory and cross-country delivery trucks to overseas containers traveling across the globe.

But how can one company ensure complete visibility into the activity of every single tracker, in real-time?

With Twilio, that’s how. Logistimatics trackers rely on Twilio cellular connectivity to pass the GPS data back to Logistimatics customers, ensuring accurate, real-time visibility into their location, history, and speed nearly anywhere in the world.

The need for a competitive edge

It makes sense that vendors in the asset and shipment tracking market were among the earliest IoT adopters.

So, in this already crowded marketplace, Logistimatics needed innovative features to differentiate their products and create a more valuable experience for customers.

A unique GPS tracker with voice calling

Logistimatics decided to do more than just track an asset and offer its customers live audio calling. Combining Twilio Programmable Wireless with Twilio Programmable Voice, Logistimatics created a unique one-way and two-way voice calling feature.

This gives asset and shipment managers the ability to call a tracker to gain critical asset/inventory information in real-time, check-in on driver behavior, and verify expected delivery times. Customers large and small absolutely love this compelling feature, and use an average of 14,000 minutes of call/talk time every single day.

Twilio’s all-in-one platform

Since starting with that initial use case, Logistimatics has expanded its Twilio usage and now uses nearly every communication service offered by Twilio within a single platform.

When a valuable asset is moved out of a geo-fenced area into a location that is unexpected, Logistimatics customers are automatically alerted via SMS and email using Twilio SMS and Twilio SendGrid, amounting to over 22,000 alerts sent to Logistimatics customers every day.

When customers need more information about a shipment or a wayward asset, Logistimatics customer support relies on Twilio’s dashboard to easily view cell tower connection logs and location data to help pinpoint an asset’s location. They can even tell if a tracker has been tampered with.

Delighting customers with innovative and reliable services powered by Twilio has driven Logistimatics’ growth over the past two years, said co-founder Brendan Younger.

With Twilio we get data, voice, SMS and email service in a single platform and billing relationship. Today we add over 650 trackers each week and continue to grow. This would not have been possible without Twilio.

Logistimatics co-founder Brendan Younger