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Livestream scales customer happiness with Twilio

Twilio's track record of up time and scale provided Livestream the comfort they needed to support a large and fast growing customer base.

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Growing a business through explosive international growth means building a sales & support center that can scale. Livestream turned to Twilio Voice to build a call center that scaled as they scaled, so they could focus on delivering a quality premium service.

Building a support center that scales

Livestream is a leading live video destination and platform, streaming more than one billion video minutes each month, with notable content partners such as Facebook, The New York Times, CBS News, and the Associated Press.

With a rapidly growing global sales and support team and an expanding suite of premium subscription products, Livestream was looking to deploy a call routing and IVR solution that met the following requirements:

Mission Critical Reliability
Because Livestream powers live events, premium customers often require immediate support. As such the infrastructure powering their routing logic had to be reliable.

Scaling to large peaks
Livestream needed a provider that could function around the clock and scale on demand to meet heavy call volumes at peak times.

The ability to change call routing logic, IVR messages, and recordings on a minute’s notice was an absolute necessity in their dynamic business environment.

To address this need Livestream turned to Twilio’s voice APIs to provision local numbers, then quickly built the call routing logic and IVR flow, adding additional applets for user authentication and time-of-day controls to meet the changing needs of their business.

With a fast growing premium client base, we needed a hosted telephony infrastructure provider to empower our sales and support teams with call center routing and IVR functionality in a reliable, scalable, and hassle free manner. Twilio's simple API enabled our team to quickly achieve this goal.

Ben Homer, Director of Customer Support, Livestream

For Livestream, Twilio proved to be the fastest way to launch a contact center with their required features and no upfront costs or minimum fees. “With Twilio we have full control over the user experience while they handle the scaling, reliability, and other heavy lifting. As a result my team can focus on providing the best possible experience for our customers,” said Ben Homer, Director of Customer Support. “Using Twilio, we have been able to quickly launch our contact center with confidence that as our business grows our phone system can quickly adapt.”