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landmax.pro grew 30% month over month with Twilio

Making it easy for agents to manage their properties using Voice and SMS.

The Results
Client savings on call equipment and costs
Properties managed through landmax.pro
Rental agencies on landmax.pro's platform

From phoning a plumber to fixing a boiler to chasing late rent payments, landmax.pro makes it easy for letting agents to manage their properties using Twilio Voice and SMS.

Real estate in a mobile world

In an increasingly mobile world, real estate businesses have to embrace technology to stay competitive—something which can be problematic for property companies that don’t have the budget they’d prefer.

According to landmax.pro COO Omar Moulani, many real estate agents rely on old, clunky, and expensive communication technology. This technology deficient puts them at a significant disadvantage when it comes to accessing tools to support business. In particular, the useful ability to record and track calls is normally only available to companies with bigger budgets.

“Many property businesses when starting up spend heavily on infrastructure,” said Moulani. “This brings the additional burden of managing multiple hardware pieces, not to mention software. These various systems cause duplication and even loss of vital information.”

Even agencies with multiple business lines couldn’t track calls or link them to contacts. The landmax.pro team wanted to create a system that would work for businesses of all sizes and budgets. The company set out to build a solution that integrated all paperwork, emails, SMS, and calls affordably—and handled that data in a smart way.

“Recording phone calls was one of our dream features—something we wanted to add, but weren’t sure how to make happen,” said Moulani. It took a visit to the Twilio conference in London to discover a possible solution.

Integrating Voice with CRM

A letting agent accesses their landmax.pro account via a browser on any Internet-connected device. There, they can see all of their business activity and handle all of their communication, from calls to SMS and emails. In August 2015, the landmax.pro team launched LMX Phone, a call function based on the Twilio Voice API.

“The main thing we liked about Twilio was the flexibility to make programmable calls,” explained CTO Turan Rustamli. “To be able to capture that data, to be able to analyze that data and put a context to it, combining business CRM with communications—that’s what makes it really powerful.”

We're the only property management system in the UK with in-built phone capability.

Dr. Huseyn Guliyev, CEO, landmax.pro

When a landlord or agent makes a call through landmax.pro, it’s smartly recorded and grouped by conversation. In fact, every single email, phone call, and text is tagged to a relevant contact. Agencies can purchase as many local numbers as they want. They can make and receive calls from anywhere in the world.

“With LMX Phone, we realized our vision for landmax.pro to be an all-in-one solution for letting and estate agencies to manage all aspects of their businesses,” said Huseyn Guliyev, CEO. “With us, businesses can have an office on-the-go, giving flexibility to their employees to perform their duties whenever and wherever they are, be it from home, conference, viewing with a client, or even abroad.”

LMX Phone gives an agent the ability to have multiple simultaneous incoming and outgoing calls on one central number. In the UK, just to handle two calls at the same time, one must have an extra landline even if it is the same number, which means a separate contract and extra costs.

“We instantly gave agencies the ability to be a call center for only £3 pcm,” added Moulani.

Communications that turns heads

A recent article on the company’s website points out that landmax.pro can save agencies around 60% compared to setting up traditional phone and business systems, and that’s before considering the benefits of other smart features. For example, their clients can combine templating and communication, allowing mass emails and text messages, saving both time and money.

Since launch in June 2014, landmax.pro has signed up hundreds of businesses with more than 15,000 properties. In the first month, 20% of users purchased a local business number via the LMX Phone service.

“Currently, landmax.pro is the only property management system in the UK with in-built phone capability,” said Guliyev. “It’s really made heads turn around.”