Trulia converts 60% of online leads on its Twilio-powered platform

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Buying a home can be a daunting prospect. But on Trulia a prospective home buyer can be connected with a real estate agent to get questions answered in real time using a click-to-call and call tracking solution built on Twilio.

Giving real estate agents an edge

For a real estate agent in pursuit of a hot lead, speed is everything. According to a study by Dr. James Oldroyd of MIT, an agent’s odds of successfully contacting an online lead are 100 times higher if the lead hears back from the agent within 5 minutes of filling out an online form.

Understanding the central importance of a rapid response to an agent’s bottom line, Trulia, a well-known real estate startup in San Francisco, integrated click-to-call with a call tracking solution called Instant Leads. Trulia’s Instant Leads gives agents the ability to respond to leads faster than anyone else in the industry.


Lead generation that moves the needle

When a prospect includes her phone number on a Trulia-enabled lead form, Trulia’s Twilio-powered click-to-call app instantly connects the agent and the prospect on a live call. If the prospect doesn’t include their phone number or the agent is busy, Trulia sends the agent a text message with the prospect’s information.

Considering that first-mover advantage is huge in winning customers in the real estate market and that 86% of real estate leads consider response time to be “extremely important” when selecting their real estate agent, Trulia’s Instant Leads click-to-call integration gives agents a dramatic leg up on the competition.

Call tracking and the kitchen sink

Twilio also powers Instant Leads’ call analytics. Because Twilio makes it so easy to buy phone numbers at scale, Trulia’s call tracking solution automatically gives each agent a unique number on the fly. When people call these numbers, Trulia instantly routes the incoming call directly to the agent’s main line and measures the number of calls that come in. Agents can get reports about how many calls they received, when, and how long they lasted.

With this data in hand, they can measure the return on investment of each Trulia campaign and optimize their investments for maximum ROI.


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