How myWorld simplifies global contact center services with Twilio Flex

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myWorld wanted to implement a chatbot solution, explore new channels, and update their contact center to be more modern, flexible, and capable.


With Twilio Flex and AI Chatbot, 70% of common customer interactions are taken care of in over 40 different languages, across 50+ different countries.

Everyone loves saving money. Whether shopping online or in-store, few things make people happier than getting money back on their purchases. That’s probably why cashback benefit programs are so popular.

But not all programs are created equal, and myWorld makes it clear that their customers and partners come first. As one of the world’s leading benefit programs, the company connects consumers with local businesses, chainstores and online shops through a simple yet exciting reward system that builds loyalty and trust. “Operating in more than 50 countries, we offer a wide range of benefits to millions of shoppers all over the world—cashback is one of them,” explains Michael Beisteiner, Head of International Service Support and Key Accounts at myWorld. “In our customers’ search for these shopping benefits, they prefer to shop at the hundreds of thousands of myWorld partners—across all countries and sectors. In turn, our partners benefit from a growing base of loyal customers and an efficient set of marketing tools, which help them increase their visibility and sales.”

While collecting cashback and other benefits with myWorld is easy—customers can either shop online or scan receipts from local businesses right from their mobile device via the myWorld app—questions occasionally arise.

Unfortunately, when your company operates in 50+ countries, customer service can get a little complicated. Especially when your contact center is outdated. While myWorld’s previous solution served them well for years, it didn’t offer modern channels or chatbot solutions, something the company was eager to explore.

They went searching for one solution for everything service-related and found it in Twilio Flex. The journey involved reviewing various solutions to make sure they landed on the right one. 

Modernizing global customer service teams

myWorld supervises service agents from its headquarters in Graz, Austria. In some countries, services are provided locally through a subsidiary. In others, HQ handles chats directly.

According to Michael, their previous service solution was great 10 years ago, but didn’t improve over time. “We had a system that was quite open, but fully outdated,” he says. “The web chat looked like me playing on a Gameboy 20 years ago.”

It wasn’t just the “retro” chat interface that made myWorld want to modernize. The company also wanted to implement an AI chatbot to help minimize agent workloads. Plus, exploring new channels was enticing, considering that many customers are comfortable using newer chat solutions such as WhatsApp, Telegram, and whatever comes next.

Michael says: “We went searching for one solution that has the capabilities to integrate with our CRM. We were focusing on a contact center solution with the future in mind.”

Twilio Flex had everything myWorld was looking for—and more. Plus, Twilio’s strong partnership portfolio helped facilitate a smooth and efficient transition. The integration was seamlessly executed by HeyHo Systems, one of Twilio’s most experienced consultants in Europe, and a leader in providing innovative technology solutions.

“As the dynamics of customer interaction evolve, we acknowledge the appeal of platforms such as WhatsApp and Telegram. To maintain visibility and accountability, we are committed to integrating official channels into our contact center approach.”

Michael Beisteiner Head of International Service Support and Key Accounts, myWorld

Building a chatbot in record time

myWorld and Twilio went all-in on creating a chatbot to help take the load off service agents. Their original launch target was set at nine months. Incredibly, the bot went live in just three months. Once again, HeyHo Systems helped implement these advanced solutions, since they specialize in integrating complex customer service technologies. 

“I believe that if we had chosen any other provider, we would not have been able to accomplish anything within three months," Michael asserts. “And it simply works, which is a significant advantage.”

The AI chatbot already handles 70% of chats, and according to Michael, is on track to reach 80% as it continues to improve.

For myWorld shoppers, most service chats are mainly regarding log-in issues, or because a purchase was not recorded, while partners might have an invoicing question. Because the questions are quite simple, they can be easily handled by the chatbot.

Still, some service requests require human agents. That’s where Flex really shows its value. Michael says with Twilio Flex, myWorld has been able to centralize certain smaller countries to save costs and provide faster service. 

“It made sense for us to merge smaller countries to the headquarters, because here we can do services for 10 countries with like 2 or 3 people.”

“In terms of quality for the customer, it was all about having a modern, rich experience that works and looks better. It's not a ROI or a KPI, but from a customer's perspective, it's a better customer experience.”

Michael Beisteiner Head of International Service Support and Key Accounts, myWorld

The benefits have only just begun

While we're only beginning to gauge the full potential of Twilio Flex for myWorld, it's evident that Flex empowers the company to accelerate its pace with agility and efficiency.

Michael says: “The utilization of Twilio to centralize operations in certain countries has significantly boosted quality. With enhanced control and access to additional permissions, we've gained invaluable insights, leading to a noticeable improvement in overall quality.”

The contact center in Austria acts like a backup for all the countries. For example, if there are two chats coming in, but there is just one service employee, then agents at HQ can take the chat, no matter if there is a service locally or not. In some of the countries, customers want to use WhatsApp, Telegram, or other modern channels. “If you don't provide that, they just send you an email,” says Michael. 

By adding new ways for customers to get in touch, combined with a constantly improving chatbot, myWorld is streamlining its journey to success. 

Building customer loyalty in every language

What’s next on myWorld’s roadmap? For now, they are staying focused on making the chatbot better. In the future, myWorld wants to incorporate automated language translation. While they can handle more than forty different languages between the headquarters and local country subsidiaries, automating the process will continue to improve agent workflows. As they keep expanding, myWorld will continue to partner with HeyHo Systems to implement these advanced solutions.

As the collaboration between myWorld and Twilio advances, shoppers all around the world are better able to connect with the brands they love. By centralizing smaller countries, incorporating chatbot solutions, and improving the overall agent experience, myWorld and Twilio are building a best-in-class global contact center experience. 

More growth is on the horizon. Michael says: “If we have more contacts with Twilio, then you see the advantage of a working system that's faster and easier to use.”

Today, everyone could use a little extra cash. With the help of Twilio, myWorld brings cashback benefits to more shoppers around the world.

Have your own experience and try it out live: visit the myWorld website at or download the myWorld app and ask Maiko, the chatbot, a question.

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