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Intuit is a well-known and forward-thinking global financial technology platform celebrated for its commitment to simplifying and optimizing financial processes for consumers, small businesses, and self-employed professionals. With a rich history of delivering state-of-the-art solutions, Intuit has established itself as a trusted brand in financial management. It empowers millions of users worldwide to effortlessly and effectively pursue their financial objectives.

In addition to its core offerings, Intuit owns and operates a range of renowned products and companies, including Turbotax, Quickbooks, Credit Karma, and Mailchimp. These exemplify their unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction and their mission to make things more convenient, ultimately providing opportunities for prosperity to all.

Intuit’s Big Bets

Intuit's strategy is to be an AI-driven expert platform that solves the most pressing customer problems and delivers awesome experiences. Intuit’s strategy is fueled by Big Bets that drive strong momentum and accelerate innovation throughout the company. These big bets are: revolutionize speed to benefit, connect people to experts, unlock smart money decisions, be the center of small business growth, and disrupt the small business mid-market. Whenever they consider a strategic business decision, .

Intuit is a well known global brand and has been expanding into international markets. As part of this expansion, they needed customers to be verified to access products and services. Intuit embarked on a journey to expand SMS as a channel for one-time passcodes (OTP) across the globe.

Intuit chose the SMS channel for verification expansion, as their data showed that SMS is a preferred channel by the customers to receive OTP. This is no surprise as SMS is more accessible; most people have a phone capable of receiving an SMS, making it a convenient choice. Notably, Intuit already delivers over 1 million SMS messages daily, highlighting the scale of their SMS operations. Despite SMS not being specifically designed for this purpose, it has long been an industry standard for sending OTPs, a method familiar to a vast number of users. At this point, Intuit decided to build its verification flow with SMS internally."

“One of the challenges in the space is understanding the local laws and regulations, and then keeping up with them.”

Shikka Tikku Principal Product

The journey to expansion across the globe

Intuit’s journey commenced with using short codes within the United States, with plans to replicate this model across more than 200 countries. Yet, the enormity of this endeavor quickly became evident. Acquiring short codes for each country was time-consuming, taking two to nine months due to regulatory and compliance hurdles. 

Every new application necessitated a rigorous internal review by legal experts specialized in each country's laws. The implementation, launch, and platform maintenance process demanded substantial resources, and a robust disaster recovery strategy was imperative. Intuit needed a different approach to revolutionize speed to benefit.  

As previously mentioned, one of their pivotal 'big bets' is to revolutionize time to benefit. They required a solution that could not only support their global expansion but also ensure that their customers enjoy a secure and efficient authentication experience while using their services.

“There had to be a better way to go live in 200+ countries in much less time with less resources!”

Shikha Tikku Principal Product Manager

Partnership with Twilio Verify

Intuit tested Twilio Verify across certain countries. Since they were quickly able to see its benefits, they expanded the solution to rest-of-the-world countries. 

Twilio Verify checked all the boxes: speed to market, built-in redundancy, support for short codes and long codes, high deliverability, preferred routing, compliance, scalability, and quick implementation.

In a remarkable feat, Intuit successfully implemented Twilio Verify in over 200 countries in just three months. Remarkably, the average deliverability rate with Verify stood at an impressive 94% across all countries. It offered them the scalability, reliability, and operational efficiency they sought to cater to their global user base.

Today, Intuit is flourishing, continuing to power prosperity worldwide. With Twilio's cutting-edge technology, Intuit confidently provides its customers with a secure and efficient authentication experience, ensuring they have seamless access to financial services whenever and wherever they need them.

In partnership with Twilio Verify, Intuit not only achieved its expansion goals but has also reaffirmed its commitment to providing financial prosperity on a global scale.

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