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eHarmony makes it easier for people to find love online

Making online dating more personal and secure by allowing users to call each other without revealing personal phone numbers.

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Days to completely integrate Twilio
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Finding a lifelong partner sometimes requires going out on a limb. But it shouldn’t mean giving out your phone number before you’re ready. That’s why eHarmony offers Secure Call, powered by Twilio.

Call me, maybe?

To give or not to give your phone number—that is the question all singles encounter when they start dating, whether they are meeting at a club or through an online dating site.

Five years ago, eHarmony became the first online dating site to offer a private calling solution. Despite an innovative approach, subscribers found the solution difficult to use. Subscribers had to use their computers to initiate phone calls to their matches, which they found cumbersome. eHarmony needed to find a calling solution that provided a better customer experience.

Giving online daters control and anonymity

eHarmony examined a number of telephony providers and ultimately chose to implement Twilio’s anonymous calling solution. eHarmony based the decision on Twilio’s reputation in the industry for reliability and its mature set of APIs. “Twilio’s technology was robust and widely accepted by many companies in the technology industry, and so we felt confident in aligning our brand with Twilio,” said Arvind Mishra, vice president of product management at eHarmony.

Because Twilio's APIs are so easy to use and so well developed, we were able to go to market quickly with Secure Call, while offering our members a high level of privacy.

Arvind Mishra, VP of Product Management, eHarmony

It took 1 developer only a matter of hours to implement a working prototype, giving eHarmony an idea of how easy the implementation would ultimately be. In the end, a team of 4 developers completed the full integration of Twilio and the new Secure Call feature within 30 days.

Secure calling experience doubles usage

eHarmony's Secure Call experience allows people to connect with matches by phone without revealing their personal phone numbers. When subscribers use Secure Call for the first time, Twilio assigns a private, virtual phone number to them. This virtual number is linked to a personal number, such as a cell phone. For example, if Mike wants to contact Liz by phone, he sends her a request. If she accepts, eHarmony forwards Liz’s private phone number to Mike. He can add her private number to his cell phone’s address book, and so long as both Mike and Liz are ok with it, they can call each other at their leisure.

This improved Secure Call experience came at the same time that eHarmony introduced a site-wide redesign. The redesign features fresh, magazine-style profiles, and Secure Call has a prominent place on the new profiles. Since launching the updated site, eHarmony has seen Secure Call usage double.

In the near future, eHarmony plans to add Secure Call to its mobile platform along with secure text messaging. “Real-time interaction is key to getting people together and on a date, and having Secure Call on our mobile platforms will definitely help make that happen,” Mishra said.