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Nordstrom reinvented personal shopping with MMS

America's leading fashion specialty retailer increased sales with private texting and MMS for customers and sales associates.

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The Results
Stores in North America
Countries served through retail locations & online
Customers prefer SMS as their main communication channel

Nordstrom enhances the shopping experience by allowing customers and salespeople to communicate from wherever they are via a mobile app that uses Twilio SMS.

Redefining customer service

Since its founding in 1901, Nordstrom’s approach to business has been to provide exceptional customer service, selection, quality, and value. Its relentless drive to exceed consumers’ expectations has been hugely successful—the company now boasts nearly 300 stores and 17,000 employees.

With technology rapidly evolving, Nordstrom customers’ expectations of service grew right along with those advancements. The company recognized that its customers’ definition of service was changing and wanted to make sure it could meet those new expectations. “We wanted to find a way to be able to connect with customers in a private and secure way, but still provide the personalized service they desired,” said JB Brown, senior director of mobile app delivery at Nordstrom.

A perfect pair: Twilio SMS & MMS

Fully dedicated to finding a solution that would best match its customers’ shopping needs and preferences, the company sought out customer feedback on what would make their shopping experience better. What Nordstrom found was that a full third of their customers preferred texting as their main communication channel.

Understanding that customers preferred communicating via text, Nordstrom turned to Twilio because it let them rapidly develop an SMS/MMS application for their customers. “Partnering with Twilio helped us be the first company to do long code MMS in a very private secure way that provided the exceptional customer experience that we try to offer our customers,” said Brown.

Personalizing the shopping experience with NEXT

Created on the Twilio platform, Nordstrom built NEXT, a service that lets customers text their salespeople privately when they need assistance or have requests. This app allows customers to shop with their salesperson at the convenience of a text message—from wherever they are.

With NEXT, salespeople can remind customers of product arrivals that they’ve been waiting for, upcoming events that they might want to attend, or even send pictures of merchandise if a customer is looking for something specific.

With Twilio at the core of our texting platform, we’re able to rapidly respond to our customers’ expectations, and try and meet their needs both now and in the future.

JB Brown, senior director of mobile app delivery, Nordstrom

For Nordstrom, a company that is always focused on maximizing the customer experience, mobile is becoming more important every day. The company plans to continue investing in mobile communications with customers, giving them a friendly, positive, and personalized shopping experience that will encourage them to regularly shop at Nordstrom.