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Redefining insurance for a modern age—and customer—with Cover and Twilio

From day one, this tech-company-on-top-of-an-insurance-brokerage was built with the goal of disrupting the insurance industry by offering an omnichannel customer experience throughout the sales process.

The Results
more message throughput
reduction in response time

Cover is a U.S.-based insurance brokerage founded four years ago that uses mobile technology, automation, and expert advice to match individuals with insurance policies that make sense for them—from both a policy and pricing standpoint—for auto, home, and renters insurance.

Cover’s technology connects with policy info from over 30 different providers. Prospective customers answer a few questions, and Cover’s algorithm matches them with the best policy for their unique needs. From there, users can fine-tune coverage details with Cover’s team of qualified sales advisors via text or phone.

From day one, this tech-company-on-top-of-an-insurance-brokerage was built with the goal of disrupting the insurance industry by offering an omnichannel customer experience throughout the sales process.

Seeking a highly flexible communication solution

Recognizing that insurance is a relationship-centered business, Cover sought to deliver great customer service anytime, anywhere—”to allow a customer to buy on their own terms, to make customer service requests on their own terms, and to get help with claims on their own terms,” Cover co-founder Ben Aneesh said.

Another goal? Building a leaner insurance organization than the competition, which meant managing customer relationships via a traditional contact center was out of the question.

“We were looking to be able to modify every aspect of our contact center to be the right fit for our business and our customers, and none of the other solutions we looked at were very customizable,” Aneesh recalled.

Ultimately, Aneesh chose Twilio Flex as the most configurable and flexible option on the market, one that could meet both goals—delivering on-demand customer service and doing so in a faster, more efficient, completely customizable way.

Creating a contact center custom-made for Cover

Based on an internal survey of its sales and customer service agents, Cover developed a list of features and capabilities to build and tasked its product team to design the UX with Twilio Flex.

“Once we had that down, we designed the first iteration of how the customer should interact with an agent. We could just turn Flex on, test it, and update what we needed,” Aneesh said.

Using Twilio’s Flex Salesforce CTI (Computer Telephony Interface), nearly all of Cover’s customer communications happen via SMS, driven through a customized instance of Salesforce integrated with Flex. When a call comes through, it automatically shows up with all the data that agents need and information from the call is synced to Salesforce. Cover currently has 60 agents on Flex.

“As customers come back, sometimes even 12 weeks or a year later, we want to make sure that they talk to the same agent from the first interaction, so there’s more continuity in the personalized experience” Aneesh said.

Cover also uses Twilio’s Messaging Copilot, an SMS & MMS application that intelligently selects the best Twilio phone number to deliver messages.

“We use it to ensure the delivery of the hundreds of thousands of messages we send a month with the right amount of numbers and short codes,” Cover CEO Karn Saroya said.

Aneesh added, “It transcends the phone app. We have a dedicated phone number that they can always contact, so we’re more of an insurance concierge where customers can simply text if they want to make a claim and complete the transaction through SMS and images, or a phone call.”

Better and faster management of customer relationships

Flex provides real-time feedback between Cover’s sales managers and customer service agents, along with key call metrics. Subsequently, “we get to roll out any change we want and it's deployed instantly,” said Aneesh.

As intended, Flex also provides the flexibility and visibility Cover needs to continue to upend the legacy insurance market.

“It enables us to write our own custom rules, directly pulling in business logic into the routing itself, making sure that the agents have all the information they need on the screen, so they're not telling the customer, ‘Let me look you up,’” Aneesh said.

Altogether, Flex allows each of Cover’s agents to help more customers in less time. That means the company can deliver on its promise to provide the best policy at the best rate, every time.

“We tend to be super price competitive, with an elegant onboarding experience, and it's topped off by a best-in-class customer service experience that's powered by Twilio Flex,” Saroya said.