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Datto Uses Twilio 2FA to Secure 60,000 SMBs Worldwide

“If we had known how easy it was to implement, we would have done it years ago.”

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Datto is the world’s leading data protection and business continuity solution. When bad stuff happens — natural disasters, technology failures, malicious activity, or user errors — Datto can spin an entire business IT infrastructure deployment back to full functionality in less than six seconds. With Twilio 2FA powering their authentication process, more than 60,000 small-to-medium sized businesses across the globe remain invincible, secure, and instantly restorable at any time.

Protecting Data is Datto’s Everything

Datto’s backup, recovery, and business continuity solutions protect and deliver uninterrupted access to data on site, in transit, and in the cloud. When customers of their more than 6,000 managed service providers and resellers lose a file, server, or workstation, or some other catastrophe strikes, they’re able to recover data and computer systems in seconds. “It comes down to the technology we employ. We have the inverse backup chain, fastest restore time, and largest data centers of any provider in our space. And we have been in the industry longer than anyone else,” said Ian McChord, vice president of product management at Datto.

Unimpeachable security, trust, and compliance are paramount to Datto, especially as their resellers count on them to service tens of thousands of SMB’s across every vertical and industry worldwide. For example, “We have to be SOX compliant for data centers, compliant on HIPAA on the healthcare side, and PCI compliant on in finance and retail,” said McChord. “And the list goes on. We have quite a few legal obligations to manage.”

Balancing Security and Accessibility

Ensuring the right balance of hardened security, impenetrable data storage, ease of use, and fast access for their customers is also core to Datto’s success. This is especially true when disaster strikes. “We need to make sure people are able to get the business back up and running,” McChord explained. “We want to be secure, but we also need to allow fast access so there’s no downtime for our customers.”

And when their partners and resellers speak up, Datto listens. “At our partner conference,” said McChord, “we asked our users to tell us the most important feature we could integrate into the platform. We basically polled our entire partner base, and the number one thing they wanted was a hardened two-factor authentication system.” So Datto turned to Twilio 2FA.

Employees and customers alike use Twilio’s Soft Token, SMS, or One-Touch 2FA. McChord underscored that Twilio was absolutely the right choice for Datto. “Considering that we rolled it right into our solution, and the fact that Twilio 2FA was affordable enough for us to offer it completely free to our partners is a sign that it was priced right for us. It fit nicely into our solutions.”


For Datto, implementing Twilio 2FA was surprisingly fast, and ran way ahead of planned schedules. It took less than two months from when they polled conference attendees on preferred features, to the moment 2FA was up and running. “Our product team was able to implement it quickly, get it done and move on to the business of building more products,” said McChord.

Datto used 2FA internally first and then rolled it into their partner solutions. Employees, on the other hand, must use 2FA to access Datto’s admin portal, as well as to provide support to their partners through the partner portal. And the feedback from Datto’s partners has been overwhelmingly positive. “We’re pushing to get more of our resell partners using it,” noted McChord. “Our partners have found that it’s extremely to use. A lot of them started with SMS but have been moving over to OneTouch because they found that it’s even simpler than 2FA.”

We rolled Twilio 2FA right into our solution. The fact that Twilio 2FA was affordable enough for us to offer it completely free to our partners is a sign that it was the right fit for us.

Ian McChord, Vice President Product Management, Datto

What’s next for Datto?

As the company expands its reach into new global markets, they are also advancing into the networking world, with a new cloud-based management console. Said McChord, “First and foremost, we are a security company, and services like 2FA just reinforce that we are keeping data and networks safe while still giving partners fast access to all products we sell. We want to make access to their data even easier while still being as secure as possible.”